Mubarakan trailer: Two Arjun Kapoors can't match up to the craziness of one Anil Kapoor

Swetha Ramakrishnan

Jun 20, 2017 14:35:09 IST

If Judwaa, No Entry and pretty much every Anil Kapoor film from the 2000s were mashed together, you would get Mubarakan.

Mubarakan trailer: Two Arjun Kapoors cant match up to the craziness of one Anil Kapoor

The cast of Mubarakan: Ileana D'cruz, Arjun Kapoor 1, Anil Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor 2, and Athiya Shetty.

The film scopes two twin brothers, Karan and Charan (both played by Arjun Kapoor, separated by one turban) and their uncle Kartar Singh (Anil Kapoor). One brother lives in Chandigarh (the turbaned one obviously), and the other lives in London. The one from India is called seedha, while the London born is more modern (by which we mean, he sports a trimmed beard and wear jeans).

A situational comedy of sorts (the actors and the makers have repeatedly called it a family film), Mubarakan revolves around how the two brothers find girls for themselves, but have to face a mountain of issues before they can get married. It's a plot we have seen before, but what brings energy to the story is none other than Anil Kapoor, who is the main catalyst in the film.

Labels seem to be of utmost importance in the film, as even Athiya Shetty and Ileana D'Cruz are categorised based on who's the "good girl" and who's the "badmaash". Basically, when they say family film, they mean, everything is dumbed down and simplified for your entertainment.

However, if this rocks your boat, Mubarakan seems like a fun ride.

Anees Bazmee has directed films like Welcome, No Entry and Singh in King and you can see the similarities in Mubarakan. Also, there's a rehash of the famous song 'Hawa Hawa' to cash in on the remix trend.

We're not sure about the two Arjun Kapoors (only time will tell how good he managed a double role), but Anil Kapoor seems to be the brightest spark of this film. In one scene, he comically says, "let's keep this matter within us, the youth" — and you laugh, not because you are doubtful of the use of the word "youth", but because Kapoor's comic timing surpasses logic. Maybe the film will be the same too?

Mubarakan is set to release on 28 July. Watch the trailer here:

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