MTV announces reboot of adult animated sitcom Daria, other shows including Real World, Aeon Flux

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June 22, 2018 13:34:59 IST

MTV is set to reboot adult animated sitcom Daria that ran on the network from 1997 to 2002. It will be titled Daria & Jodie. The network has launched a new production unit, MTV Studios, which will revive a batch of new shows and revivals, wrote Variety.

Daria (R) with her friend Jane Lane (L). Twitter @hype_bae

Daria (R) with her friend Jane Lane (L). Twitter @hype_bae

Daria ran for five seasons on MTV, each with 13 episodes. The character of Daria, an acerbic teenage girl from a fictional suburban town, originated on the Beavis and Butt-Head series.

Inside Amy Schumer writer Grace Edwards would pen the Daria update, reported Entertainment Weekly.

"MTV has the biggest collection of hit youth franchises that spans more than three decades of content and over 200 titles, part of which have fueled our resurgence."

"With MTV Studios, we are for the first time ever opening up this vault beyond our own platforms to reimagine the franchises with new partners," said MTV President Chris McCarthy in a statement.

Other reboots in the works at MTV Studios include Aeon Flux from Jeff Davis, the creator of Teen Wolf, more episodes of reality series The Real World, and a new version of the unscripted makeover show Made.

According to Rolling Stone, the studio has also announced two new reality shows - a 'coming of age docu-series' focusing on a group of teenagers living in Nogales, Arizona and MTV Straight Up Ghosted, where young people will 'reconnect with lost friends, lovers and family members and confront them about why they have been ghosted'.

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Updated Date: Jun 22, 2018 13:34 PM