Move over Ultron, Marvel Universe has a new supervillain in Donald Trump

FP Staff

July 04, 2016 18:24:18 IST

After the likes of Barack Obama making an appearance in Marvel comics, the Marvel Universe has a new psychotic baddie in town, in a new issue titled Spider-Gwen Annual #1.

A file photo of Donald Trump. AP

A file photo of Donald Trump. AP

This series of the Spiderman comics is set in an alternate universe, where Gwen Stacey (remember Emma Stone in The Amazing Spiderman films?) is the one bitten by the radioactive spider which originally brings on Peter Parker's transformation into Spiderman.

In the new issue, the classic Marvel supervillain MODOK 'Mobile Organism Designed Only For Killing' morphes into MODAAK 'Mental Organism Designed As America's King' . The new version of the villain bears an unlikely resemblances to the Republican Party nominee Donald trump.


The issue by comic book artist Jason Latour features short stories by different artists. This story is drawn by Chris Visions and Jim Campbell and the issue features Donald Trump as a villain, who is racist and regards other races as 'foreign filth'.

The story follows a female Captain America (who is also black) who defeats Trump in the end. MODAAK also threatens to "crush [Captain America] in my powerful hands", only to be knocked out by her shield. This is in reference to Donald Trump's hands, which the media often makes fun of for being to small.

Previously, a publication called Storm Entertainment transformed the Democratic Party nominee Hilary Clinton into a comic book hero.

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