Move over Justin Bieber! Here are five outrageous demands by pop icons to go Gaga over

Devansh Sharma

May,04 2017 12:56:27 IST

It seems like Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' to perform in India is to 'Love Yourself'. Given the list of bizarre demands that the singer's team has put forward, it is safe to say that the singer has an eye for detail.

From flying a special masseuse from Kerala to asking for 12 white handkerchiefs in his dressing room, the demands oscillate from outrageous to minute. But Bieber is not the first pop icon to throw such diva demands in the face of the organisers.

Lady Gaga's Mannequin Challenge

While Bieber has asked for a plethora of exotic and healthy food items and a wide range of recreational objects, all of them combined fade in front of Gaga's psychotic demand of a 'mannequin with puffy pink public hair'. Yes, read every single word carefully. As poetic the alliteration sounds, the organisers would have surely gone Gaga over her demand.

Lady Gaga, thinking about when she can kick off her shoes

Van Halen's M&M cherry-picking contest

Justin Bieber has demanded that scented candles, silverware cutlery and fresh flowers adorn his suite. But there is one catch - no lilies. While it can be assumed that Bieber is allergic of lilies, this exception transports us to a show by rock band Van Halen. They asked for a bowl of M&Ms. Sweet! But minus the brown ones. Gulp!

van halen

Jennifer Lopez likes her room Simi Garewal way

Colours apparently distract JLo. That is why she has a strict instruction of keeping every nook and corner of dressing room spotlessly white. Bieber has also demanded his dressing room to be draped with white curtains and as you read above, 12 white handkerchiefs to be placed neatly therein. But he proved that Abbas-Mustan are not his favourite directors as he wants his room to be jazzed up by purple carnations since it is his favourite colour.


Kanye West's red carpet shenanigans

West's example proves that the worst is yet to come when Bieber lands in India next week. Reportedly, West demonstrated modern day slavery when he asked a BBC staff member to iron the red carpet of his dressing room merely because it was too crumpled for him to walk on it. In order to ensure that West does not topple over the 3-inch carpet crease, the staff readily obliged. Unfurl that red carpet for the man of the hour, Beliebers!

kanye west

Justin Timberlake's Knock Knock Knockout

Knock Knock!

Who's there?



Timberlake. Now clean that goddamn knob!

Yes, Justin Timberlake wants all the door knobs of his heavenly abode to be sanitised before he arrives. While the outrageous demand can be attributed to a possible OCD, asking his staff to disinfect them every two hours is bit of a long haul. Sigh! From one Justin to another.


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Updated Date: May 04, 2017 12:56 PM