Meghan Markle jets out of India after week-long visit; was here to promote women's health, sanitation

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Jan 24, 2017 11:24:53 IST

Suits actress Megha Markle quietly jetted out of India after an over week-long visit here.

Markle, who has been in the news for her romantic relationship with the UK's Prince Harry, visited Delhi in her capacity as an ambassador for the humanitarian organisation World Vision Canada. Incidentally, Princess Diana — Prince Harry's mother — was also a World Vision ambassador during her lifetime.

Markle landed in New Delhi on 17 January and spent the next few days meeting with those working in the field of women's health and sanitation, reported The Daily Mail. Her visit here came amid rumours that the trip would have to be cut short or cancelled owing to security concerns.

 Meghan Markle jets out of India after week-long visit; was here to promote womens health, sanitation

Meghan Markle in a still from 'Suits'

US Weekly said that Markle had spent several months preparing for the trip, which was in line with World Vision Canada's "Rise Up! Daughters of India" initiative. In Delhi, she met with former member of the National Commission for Women, Shamina Shafiq, as well as several acitivists to understand the issues faced by girls from underprivileged backgrounds in the city.

She later flew down to Mumbai, where she spent time with women from slum areas, along with activist Suhani Jalota of the Myna Mahila Foundation and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr Jockin Arputham, founder of the National Slum Dwellers Federation.

While Markle accomplished her visit with a minimum of fuss — accompanied only by one bodyguard and without alerting the Indian press to her presence — she was spotted at the Mumbai International Airport, with henna on her hands, E! News said.

She previously worked with the charity to help bring clean water to communities in Africa and traveled to Rwanda to meet local schoolchildren last year, stated Daily Express, UK.

In recent weeks, speculation over whether or not Markle will tie the knot with Prince Harry has been on the rise.

Her friend, actress Priyanka Chopra, was also quizzed about it at the People's Choice Awards.

An interviewer asked Chopra is she would "soon be a royal bridesmaid", reported Hello! magazine.

Chopra replied: "No. I'm just happy for Meg. And I hope whatever she does, wherever she goes in life, she's always happy."

"But you would be happy being a royal bridesmaid... who wouldn't be happy to be a royal bridesmaid?" the interviewer countered.

Priyanka responded with a laugh: "Well let's not jump the gun, let's give them their space!"

Updated Date: Jan 24, 2017 11:24:53 IST