Mary Poppins Returns review round-up: Emily Blunt's narrative is 'lively, big-hearted' but can't live up to original

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Dec 13, 2018 15:39:15 IST

Mary Poppins Returns has been one of the most anticipated sequels in recent months. Julie Andrews' Oscar-winning performance has been followed up by Emily Blunt's spot-on acting and feel-good vibes of a favourite children's tale. Here a review round-up of Mary Poppins Returns.

Mary Poppins Returns poster. Image from Facebook

Mary Poppins Returns poster. Image from Facebook

BBC noted that the sequel was almost an identical piece of work to the 1964 masterpiece. The article stated that there are no surprises for fans and audiences and neither do they get a glimpse of what Mary does when she is not preoccupied with the children. Though Blunt's performance is given a thumbs-up, especially for her far-away looks that subsume an inherent loneliness of a nanny who befriends families in times of needs and leaves when they are happy, the film as a whole failed to reach the levels of brilliance that Mary Poppins achieved with ease. "A lively, colourful and big-hearted musical, it (Mary Poppins Returns) may lack a spark of originality, but it’s better than most children’s films. It’s just not as good as the children’s film it is trying so hard to be." added the report.

The Guardian stated that the sequel was almost akin to a "spoonful of state-of-the-art genetically modified sweetener" which was essentially made almost as a clone of the original feature. Blunt's performance is termed caricaturish in her portrayal of the flying nanny. Blunt's accent was criticised for its "kind of poshness portrayed by American actors pretending to be a Brit: the sort of delivery that converts 'very' into 'veddy'."

Variety praised the sequel for evoking a strong sense of nostalgia within audiences. While the original was an innocent portrayal of slightly screw-loose yet endearing characters, the new one tried equally hard to depict a guileless narrative of a flying nanny, added the report.

The Hollywood Reporter felt that Mary Poppins Returns was the perfect blend of nostalgia and novelty that worked within the narrative well.  Chicago and Into the Woods maker, Rob Marshall was praised for his efforts on the sequel as he had ensured that the core essence of the Mary Poppins was kept intact. The film "captivates by adopting a time-honored Disney formula that combines the joy and imagination of childhood with an underlay of melancholy," added the report.

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