Marvel announces return of The Fantastic Four comics with a new series releasing in Summer 2018

FP Staff

Apr 04, 2018 11:08:58 IST

Often cited as a casualty of Marvel Entertainment and Fox’s struggle, the Fantastic Four comic book series had ended in 2015 at the close of Marvel’s major story arc back then, the Secret Wars. But now, Marvel has confirmed that the Fantastic Four comic books will be back in a tweet where Marvel editor-in-chief CB Cebulski made the announcement via the Marvel handle.

“It’s the right time, and we wanted the right team to do it, and we wanted the right story to get across. The reboot will be part of Marvel’s Fresh Start, the company’s latest relaunch for its superhero comic book line, following October’s stalled Marvel Legacy initiative,” said Cebulski as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Fantastic Four was the comic book series that launched Marvel comics in 1961 upon its debut and spawned the successful Marvel Universe as we know it today, with the creation of characters like Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man and the Hulk. The iconic work of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby on Fantastic Four grabbed the attention of comic book fans as well as pop culture consciousness.

Marvel's Fantastic Four.

Marvel's Fantastic Four.

The discontinuation of their oldest series in 2015 was the first time that the Fantastic Four comic has not been in publication in more than five decades. The Secret Wars series of 2016 had left Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman outside of the traditional Marvel universe, while the Thing and the Human Torch would continue to appear in other series like The Invincible Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The series had also failed to create successful movie franchise around itself, with two reboots, the last one by Fox also bombing at the box office. Perhaps, the successful reboot of the comic series will lead to a future Marvel movie franchise, now that Disney has acquired Fox and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is at its peak, ruling the Hollywood roost.

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