Mandana Karimi withdraws domestic violence complaint filed against Gaurav Gupta

FP Staff

Aug,03 2017 16:40:25 IST

In July, model and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Mandana Karimi filed a case of domestic abuse against her husband Gaurav Gupta. Nearly a month later, it emerges that she was withdrawn her complaint, citing the reason that she intends to save her marriage and that she did not marry Gupta for monetary gains.

As per a report in Mumbai Mirror, Karimi mentioned in her application to withdraw the complaint that Gupta asked her to withdraw the proceedings if she wished to have any further dialogue with him. The application was filed through Advocate Taubon Irani. Apart from expressing the wish to live with her husband, Karimi has also said that she wants her belongings and dog back.

Mandana Karimi and Gaurav Gupta in a picture from their wedding. Image from Twitter

Mandana Karimi and Gaurav Gupta in a picture from their wedding. Image from Twitter

The application was opposed by her husband and in-laws, but after listening to both sides in person, Magistrate RR Khan reportedly allowed her to go through with it.

In response to this application, Gaurav Gupta denies that he set this condition involving withdrawing the case. He added that he did not have Karimi's belongings and that she could take her dog back provided she did not claim expenses for it and that the service apartment where she stills allows it.

He has alleged that Karimi wanted to withdraw the complaint because she did not want to live in the rented house provided to her by him. He added that if she wanted an amicable settlement, he would let the court settle its orders.

Gupta's brother-in-law Gautam alleges that Karimi disrupted the peace of the household and harassed their family. He said that her intent was to break into the Guptas' house.

Karimi responded to these accusations by saying, "I am not doing this to clarify my position or justify certain steps I was compelled to take to protect myself physically and emotionally. I never intended to, in the past, nor at any point in the future, get into a union with Gaurav for monetary gains. That he, of all people, should misinterpret my intentions, a man I intended to spend the rest of my life with and start a family with would stoop so low as to stand against me instead of with me, is equally devastating."

At the time when Mandana Karimi filed the domestic abuse complaint, she and Gaurav Gupta had been married for six months. She claimed that she was thrown out of her in-laws' house, forced to convert to Hinduism and quit her job by the Gupta family. She also mentioned that attempts at reconciliation had failed.

Updated Date: Aug 03, 2017 16:40 PM