Mahmood Farooqui sentenced to seven years' imprisonment for raping US research scholar

FP Staff

Aug,04 2016 16:29:22 IST

The Saket court in New Delhi pronounced the punishment for Peepli Live co-director Mahmood Farooqui as 7 years imprisonment. Farooqui was convicted for the rape of an American woman, who a research scholar from the US.

Mahmood Farooqui with wife Anusha Rizvi. AFP

Mahmood Farooqui with wife Anusha Rizvi. AFP

Indian Express reports that the Delhi Police on Tuesday had sought maximum punishment of life imprisonment for Farooqui, stating he had brough "disrepute to the country" and that he "occupies high status in society so there was an additional responsibility on him to not conduct himself in such a manner."

Farooqui was convicted of rape on 30 July. Additional Sessions Judge Sanjiv Jain gave a minimum punishment of seven years imprisonment.

He was known in Delhi social circles as the one who brought the centuries’ old art of Urdu storytelling called Dastangoi to the limelight.

The victim is supposed to have met Farooqui in Varanasi first, and she alleges he eventually raped her when she went to meet him regarding her research in his Delhi residence. The victim claims he was highly intoxicated at the time.

In her complaint she revealed that Farooqui has subsequently sent her many emails apologising for his actions, and it is these emails and phone calls that posed as evidence for the case.

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Updated Date: Aug 04, 2016 16:36 PM