Lucifer picked up by Netflix for season 4 by Netflix; fan campaign saves Tom Ellis show after Fox cancellation

FP Staff

Jun 16, 2018 14:23:50 IST

After being prematurely cancelled by FOX, Lucifer will be resurrected for a fourth season by Netflix.

Deadline reports the streaming giant, which has revived many dead TV series like Arrested Development and One Day at a Time, has confirmed the comic book drama will become a Netflix Original starting from the fourth season.

Tom Ellis in a Lucifer promo. Image via Twitter

Tom Ellis in a Lucifer promo. Image via Twitter

The series was cancelled last month but a fan-fuelled #SaveLucifer campaign on social media has helped save the show. Similarly, Fox's Brooklyn Nine Nine too was cancelled only for it to move to another outlet — NBC.

Lucifer centres on Tom Ellis' The Devil who abandons his kingdom of Hell out of boredom to make his new home in Los Angeles. Once in LA, Lucifer enjoys helping the Los Angeles Police Department catch criminals and solve puzzling cases. The third season of the show saw Tom Welling, the actor who starred on Smallville as Clark Kent/ Superman for 10 years, play Marcus Pierce, an accomplished police lieutenant who is everything Lucifer is not — strategic, reserved and well-respected.

Lucifer first appeared in the pages of DC Comics in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, and was later revived by Neil Gaiman in The Sandman, in the 1980s.

Updated Date: Jun 16, 2018 14:23:50 IST