Louis CK returns to stand up comedy first time after admitting to sexual misconduct, sparks outrage

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Aug 29, 2018 11:01:27 IST

Comedian Louis CK returned to the stage for apparently the first time after he admitted to engaging in sexual misconduct. He made an unannounced appearance at the Comedy Cellar in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Louis CK. Image courtesy: Facebook

Louis CK. Image courtesy: Facebook

The club’s owner, Noam Dworman, told the New York Times he watched a video of the appearance. He says the 50-year-old was “very relaxed” and was greeted by an ovation from the audience. He says he performed “typical Louis CK stuff.”

Although some people made their displeasure with the comedian performing known, Dworman told the BBC that he went ahead with the show because he "wanted to do the right thing" and that a "permanent life sentence" was not the solution for offenders such as the comedian.

He did admit that the surprise performance took away people's rights to decide in advance whether they wanted to be a part of the event or not. "I can't deny that somebody who was ambushed by him has a different right to be upset about it than someone who wasn't there and is just complaining about it," he told the BBC.

Fellow comedians and celebrities were quick to react to his return and made their disappointment clear.


Five women last November accused the comedian of inappropriate behavior. He released a statement in which he said the stories were true and he expressed remorse for his actions.

The actions resulted in the end of a production deal with FX Networks and the cancellation of a movie release.

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Updated Date: Aug 29, 2018 11:01:27 IST