Long ATM queues got you down? Listen to our Shankar Mahadevan, Ryan Gosling, Eminem playlist

Here's the perfect playlist to listen to when you're standing in those never-ending ATM queues.

FP Staff November 19, 2016 10:59:36 IST
Long ATM queues got you down? Listen to our Shankar Mahadevan, Ryan Gosling, Eminem playlist


Here's another weekend on its way, and if you aren't queuing up for the Coldplay headlined Global Citizen Festival India concert, then you're probably queing up outside an ATM, hoping against hope that the money won't all run out before it's (finally, an hour later) your turn.

But what if that unending wait at the ATM or friendly neighbourhood bank could be made a little bit more pleasant? One way to do that, is to put on our Firstpost Playlist and make your way through the songs. We guarantee the time will fly — and pleasantly so — while you wait. We have Bollywood, Ryan Gosling and even Skeeter Davis — a truly eclectic mix. But that's what the Firstpost Playlist is all about. So what are you waiting for? Tune in, to tune out.

'End of the World' by Skeeter Davis

I only came across this song by Skeeter Davis when it played in the background of one of the scenes in Girl, Interrupted. As Britany Murphy's character (Daisy Randome) is found by Winona Ryder (Susanna) and Angelina Jolie (Lisa) — Daisy has committed suicide in the bathroom of her home — the song plays on a record on loop, providing a surreal background score. The uptempo pace of the song is at odds with the plaintive words and melody, the words too are matter-of-fact, not lyrical or imaginative. But that's what makes it so poignant: the business-like statement of the loss of love.

— Rohini Nair

'Stan' by Eminem feat. Dido

'Stan' is a personal favourite, not only because it features two of my favorite artists, but also for the fact that the music video is as good as watching a short film. It tells a proper story within eight minutes of run time. For a rap song it is quite long, having four verses. Dido's melodious voice fills in the hook, which is basically the intro of her hit single 'Thank You'.

The first three verses are letters sent by an Eminem-obsessed fan — Stanley 'Stan' Mitchell — to his idol. He is awaiting a response, but gets none. Which drives him batshit crazy. It's all downhill from there. Every verse from there on portrays a gradual derangement of Stan. In the fourth verse Eminem responds, with a stark realisation towards the end. The claustrophobic settings, the pitter-patter of rain, scratching of the pages as letters are being written, create a mood reminiscent of watching a noir film. The song is dark and gets violent in some parts.

Even though the verses are in the form of fan letters, Eminem spins his lyrical magic with his signature asymmetric rhyming patterns. It is easily one of Eminem's best songs, after of course, 'Lose Yourself'.

— Nimish Sawant

'Aajkal Zindagi' from Wake Up Sid

I relish the song as it has various contrasting elements working in its favour. Whether it is the stanzas on a low note and chorus on a high note or the jugalbandi of an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar, the song evokes a diverse range of emotions. The USP, however, are the lyrics by Javed Akhtar. His lyrics are not only poetic but have immense recall value. It can be sung on a long drive with friends or even during a solitary walk.It suits every occasion and uplifts your mood whenever you are low.

— Devansh Sharma

'Lose Your Soul' by Dead Man's Bones

It was Ryan Gosling's birthday on 12 November. For all who did not know, Ryan Gosling is an amazing musician with a beautiful voice. He is part of the band called Dead Man's Bones and writes songs of love stories about ghosts and monsters. Hear him sing on this amazing track.

Oh, you're gonna lose your soul, tonight.

— Shatadru Roy

'Surprise Yourself' by Jack Garratt

British singer-songwriter Jack Garratt looks to inspire his listeners by asking them to 'surprise themselves'. His multi-instrumental skills shine through in this moving track, which makes you feel both introspective and hopeful for what the future has in store.

— Derrek Chundelikkatt

'Woo Hoo' by

This song's not as much about the lyrics as much as it is about the mood, really. Or perhaps it is. They repeat a single phrase throughout and they really want you to feel it. They won't stop till you feel it — until you're screaming with them.

— Eisha Nair

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