Live: Thank you to all those who supported me, Salman tweets after getting bail

Piyasree Dasgupta

May 08, 2015 22:40:27 IST

Live: Thank you to all those who supported me, Salman tweets after getting bail



  • Thank you for supporting me, tweets Salman after returning home

    Bollywood actor Salman Khan today thanked all his fans for supporting him after he returned home to a rousing welcome by jubilant fans after the Bombay high court suspended his 5-year jail term following which the sessions court extended his interim bail.

  • Salman waves to his fans, makes several ambiguous gestures from his balcony

    Actor Salman Khan appeared on his balcony, after coming home from court, like a hero and waved to the sea of fans who were waiting for him outside his home. He made several gestures, he waived, he gestured 'no' with this index finger and he also waved three fingers at his fans. 

    What he actually meant by all those gestures is debatable, but his fans went home happy. Television visuals also showed people distributing laddoos as their 'bhai' got away from the 5 year sentence. 

  • After furnishing bail bond, Salman Khan leaves Mumbai Sessions Court

    Actor Salman Khan has furnished a bail bond of Rs 30,000 and has left the Sessions Court and is on his way home. 

    The next hearing on the 2002 hit-and-run case will be in July, 2015. 

  • Salman Khan arrives in Mumbai Sessions Court

    Meanwhile in the Sessions Court, as Salman Khan's car arrives, fans can be seen frantically running towards his car, as Mumbai police work over time to keep things under control and keep the traffic flowing. 

    And of course there is more cheering and screaming. 

  • Salman Khan leaves for Mumbai Sessions Court amid screaming fans 

    As Salman Khan leaves his lawyer's office for the Sessions Court, located about 5 minutes away, one can hear loud cheers and screaming fans. The police tried to make way for Salman's mercedes amid the mayhem with fans and media pouring over his car. 

    Times Now reports that while no one except for judges is allowed to enter the court through the front entrance, Salman has been given special permission because of security concerns. 

  • Salman Khan asked to furnish bail bond of Rs 30,000

    Now Times Now reports that Salman Khan has been asked to surrender and furnish a bail bond of Rs 30,000. Reports also suggest that the next hearing in this case will be in July. 

  • Protests in Ludhiana erupt over Salman Khan's bail

  • This sends out wrong message that if you have money, you can get away with drinking and driving: Neelam Katara

    Neelam Katara, mother of the victim in the Nitish Katara murder case, spoke against the Bombay High Court order and said that this sends out a message.

    "This sends out a wrong message that if you have money and if you are powerful, you can continue drinking and driving," she said.

  • No ground to deny bail to Salman, says Majeed Memon

    NCP MP Majeed Memon said that there was no ground to deny bail to Salman Khan. "Even if you eliminate the name of Salman khan and take it as any other person, no ground existed to decline bail," Memon said.

    Memon added that there was "no question of Salman's non-appearance in the future" as he had "deep roots in society".

  • Television channels chase Salman Khan as he goes to court

    Television channels are taking this to the next level and we're being treated to visuals of cameras in high pursuit of Salman Khan as he heads to the court. 

  • Salman Khan leaves for sessions court

  • BJP MP criticises HC order 

  • Salman Khan to turn up in court to get bail today

    "Till the appeal is heard he can't travel abroad and will have to take permission from the high court to do so," special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat told reporters. 

    Salman Khan will now have to turn up before the court to claim the bail today. So he will finally have to turn up before the court today. Expect him to leave soon.

  • His fans may be celebrating but it's not like everyone's happy

  • High Court asks Salman Khan to submit passport

    The high court has told Salman Khan to submit his passport while he is out on bail. If he has to travel abroad then he can always seek it though. 

    He's also has to furnish a bail bond of Rs 30,000. 

  • Celebrations begin

  • Bombay High Court suspends Salman Khan's sentence

    The high court has told Salman Khan that his sentence will be suspended and has asked him to get a fresh bail bond. 

    He has to surrender again before the sessions court and then get a fresh bail bond. 

  • HC asks why can't Salman Khan surrender?

    The Bombay High Court has reportedly asked why shouldn't Salman Khan surrender before the court and then seek bail, reports Times Now. The actor's lawyer says that he shouldn't be discriminated against because he's a prominent personality, the channel reports. The actor lawyer has reportedly also said he's willing to give an additional bond if needed. 

  • Justice Abhay Thipsay has reportedly asked the prosecution how it can be argued that Salman Khan had knowledge of his actions if he was drunk?

    The trial court had held that Salman Khan was knowledgable about the fact that if he drove under the influence of alcohol it could cause deaths and therefore culpable homicide was correctly applied. The application of section 304-ii was always going to be a thorny point and the defence is expectedly attacking it. 

  • Bombay High Court questions why suspension of sentence shouldn't be done

    Justice Abhay Thipsay has questioned why the sentence shouldn't be suspended while the actor files his appeal in the Bombay High Court given his sentence is less than seven years. 

    Meanwhile there's some more news about the man who reportedly attempted suicide. A channel says that he threw pamphlets saying that he has high regard for the actor and wants Salman Khan to get bail. Facepalm. 

  • Man reportedly attempts suicide outside Bombay HC

    A man in a Being Human t-shirt has reportedly attempted suicide outside the Bombay High court and has been taken away by the police. No shortage of drama as always. 

  • Salman's lawyers bring up the Alistair Pareira case saying actor didn't know people slept there

    The trial court may have said that there's little doubt that Salman Khan knew people slept on the pavement near the American Express bakery, but his lawyers are saying that's not the case. 

    As expected they're quoting the Alistair Pereira case saying that he was sentenced only to three years despite seven persons being killed. 

  • Salman Khan's composed, says family friend

  • Salman Khan's lawyers seek suspension of sentence

    The actor's lawyer is seeking a suspension of sentence in this case and is hoping to ensure that the actor continues to remain on bail, reports Times Now. 

    The prosecution is now responding to the defence arguments. 

  • Salman Khan's lawyer has argued that the prosecution hasn't proven that the actor was behind the wheel.

    Incidentally the trial court has said that there was adequare evidence to show that Salman Khan was behind the wheel of the car and the fact that there was no driver present. 

  • Salman's lawyer continues to question why Kamaal Khan wasn't examined by prosecution

    Salman Khan's lawyer Amit Desai is continuing with the question on why Kamaal Khan wasn't questioned, reports Times Now.

    Meanwhile the channel reports that the Salman Khan family has switched off their televisions and that Salman Khan has gone to sleep. How they know this is beyond us. 

  • Here's a snap of the protest outside the Bombay High Court

  • Salman's lawyers are continuing with the argument that there was a fourth person in the car, and he was reportedly the driver. 

    As per the prosecution's argument, there were three people in the car: Salman Khan, Kamaal Khan and bodyguard Ravindra Patil. 

  • Bombay High Court asks for bodyguard's statement

    Justice Abhay Thipsay is reportedly considering the statement of Salman Khan's former police bodyguard Ravindra Patil, reports Times Now. 

    The actor's lawyer is continuing the argument that there was one more person in the trial and it was the driver Ashok Singh. Desai is also asking why the proseuction didn't examine singer Kamaal Khan who was in the car. 

  • And meanwhile

  • Salman Khan's counsel says there's no dispute about accident but says wrong section applied

    Amit Desai is reportedly arguing that there's no dispute about the accident. He's also seeking a suspension of the sentence and argues that the application of section 304-ii of the IPC is wrong. 

  • Salman's hearing begins

    Times Now's Arnab Goswami's making the high court sound like the most exciting place to be. He's now found that the judge has said he'll hear a few matters before Salman Khan's bail plea. And then he finds that it will be the first matter to be heard.  Arguments are on. 

  • Anxious wait for Salman Khan, family

    Salman Khan is going to have an anxious wait in his Bandra residence. His parents are reportedly at one of his sibling's residnce. One of his sisters is reportedly at the court. Family friend and former Congress MLA Baba Siddiqui's also in court. 

  • The judge is in and the lawyers are in as well

    Times Now's Arnab Goswami says its going to be quick. He predicts the arguments will be over in 10 minutes. Hopefully Justice Abhay Thipsay know of this expectation. 

  • Salman Khan's lawyer turns up in court 

  • No Harish Salve for Salman Khan today

    Many may have credited the presence of senior lawyer Harish Salve for the interim bail granted to Salman Khan on Wednesday. However, he's not reportedly not appearing for him today. 

    The Times of India reports that senior counsel Amit Desai will be appearing for the actor today and it'll be interesting to see what argument he'll present before the court today. 

Mumbai: All eyes are on the Bombay High Court which will today hear Bollywood superstar Salman Khan's appeal against his conviction in the 2002 hit-and-run case and his plea for bail today. Salman's appeal is listed for admission on the board of Justice Abhay Thipsay, who had on Wednesday granted him an interim bail for two days.

The actor was convicted and sentenced to five years' rigorous imprisonment on various charges under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including culpable homicide not amounting to murder, besides penal provisions under Motor Vehicles Act and other laws.

Live: Thank you to all those who supported me, Salman tweets after getting bail

Salman Khan. Solaris Images.

The trial court had found him guilty of running over the pavement in front of the American Express bakery in suburban Bandra with his Toyota Land Cruiser on 28 September, 2002, killing one person and wounding four others sleeping on the pavement.

Soon after the conviction, Khan's lawyer had moved the High Court which granted him interim bail for two days since he had not been given a detailed, reasoned copy of the verdict on the basis of which his appeal would be heard. Later in the evening, trial court Judge DW Deshpande handed over a 240-page copy of the judgement to Khan.

"Since the appellant was on bail throughout the trial and since a copy of the judgement of conviction has not yet been furnished to him, it would be proper to protect the appellant for some time in the interest of Justice," Justice Thipsay observed while granting him interim bail till 8 May.

Khan, who has been on bail for the last 13 years in this case, is not expected to be present in the High Court when his appeal comes up for hearing. Legal sources said his lawyers Harish Salve and Srikant Shivade would argue his bail plea in the absence of the actor as he was not required to be present under the law.

In the appeal, the actor has challenged his conviction saying that the trial court had not considered his plea that he was not driving the car and that his family driver Ashok Singh was behind the wheel. The actor has also challenged the findings of the court that he was drunk and was driving under the influence of liquor.

Salman has also pleaded that the trial court had wrongly convicted him under the 'culpable homicide' charge because he had no knowledge that he would meet with an accident. Seeking bail until the time his appeal has been finally heard and disposed of, Salman has said the court may grant him liberty on such conditions as it deems fit. He said he had never misused any bail conditions imposed on him by the court in the past.

Meanwhile, several Bollywood personalities and MNS leader Raj Thackeray on Thursday met the actor at his Galaxy Apartments residence in Bandra. There was a steady stream of Bollywood colleagues calling on Salman through the day including old friend Aamir Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Kareena Kapoor, Karan Johar and Govinda.


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