Lisa Ray becomes mother to twins via surrogacy: Have chosen to share my story to normalise fertility possibilities

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Sep 17, 2018 12:56:06 IST

Actress Lisa Ray took to Instagram on 17 September to announce that she had become a mother to twins, Sufi and Soleil, who were born via surrogacy.

She also mentioned in her post that by sharing the intimate news, she and her husband Jason Dehni aimed to normalise the various other ways of fertility and becoming a parent.

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It’s certainly official. Jason and I have chosen to share the intimate story of our surrogacy journey as a way to normalize and embrace fertility possibilities for everyone. Please do read and share the piece. It’s not easy but achievable. Luminous souls Sufi and Soleil are expanding us in ways we never thought possible...and catching me by surprise as I grow into motherhood. Takes a village, and I am grateful for all your love and support(I’m going to be leaning on some of you for mama night outs and baby-sitting backup as I complete my book) Thanks @bombaytimes and @bazinga_ent @aligphoto for the images Fab MUH @JoMakeupArtist and as always @preetasukhtankar for all the support and baby styling 😜) Stand back world: here comes Soufflé (Sufi plus Soleil equals the best dish in the universe) Click on link to read about our surrogacy journey.

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Courtesy @bombaytimes: ‘Lisa shared, “Every new phase of life challenges my openness and the ability to adapt with each new experience.” Lisa and Jason have named their daughters Sufi — the mystic — and Soleil — the French word for ‘sun’. They were born via surrogacy in Tbilisi, Georgia, in June. “It has been an arduous and interesting experience. Having been diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a form of blood cancer) in 2009, which requires me to be on a lifelong dose of medication, pre-empted the possibility for me to carry children myself. Fortunately, technology has progressed where there are choices and new possibilities for having children. My husband and I decided to pursue surrogacy. India was the obvious choice. We consulted a reputed fertility doctor, but a week before we could begin, India outlawed commercial surrogacy. We were crushed. While I understand the pressing need to regulate the industry and prevent exploitation of surrogate mothers, it was a case of literally throwing out the baby with the bath water. But, I was determined. My husband and I were advised we could continue the process in India and that there were ‘ways’. But we did not want to bring our children into the world under a cloud of uncertainty,” she said.’ Image @aligphoto MUH @jomakeupartist PR manager @bazinga_ent

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In the photo shared on Instagram, Ray can be seen cradling her two daughters.

"Luminous souls Sufi and Soleil are expanding us in ways we never thought possible...and catching me by surprise as I grow into motherhood," she adds in the post, thanking her well-wishers for being a part of her journey.

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