Leonardo DiCaprio asked to return the hard-earned Oscar, but not the one he won for The Revenant

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Dec 13, 2018 14:14:58 IST

Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar journey has been one quite similar to his arguably most-popular feature Titanic. Jack's obvious struggle in his fight against society and classism to ultimately win Rose was a mere prelude to Jack's unfortunate death. The Oscars seem to evade the actor on a similar strain.

Reports state that DiCaprio is now being forced to return the Oscar in his possession. But before the world erupts into sorry memes of Leonardo clapping yet another time for another actor winning the coveted award, it will be wise to note that the Oscar in question is not his 2016 award for The Revenant.

Leonardo DiCaprio finally captured the elusive trophy

Leonardo DiCaprio finally captured the elusive trophy

This specific Oscar rightfully belonged to Marlon Brando for his work on On the Waterfront, that released in 1954. DiCaprio received it as a gift from Malaysian financier Jho Low, who had in turn bought it for $600,000, many years after it went missing from Brando's residence.

Low has been, in the recent past, embroiled in alleged fraud. Thus, DiCaprio had to surrender all the prized objects that Low gifted to the actor. These also include Pablo Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat artworks.

As per reports, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences holds the right to buy back the trophy once the investigations against Low are completed.

Brando was famously known as an actor who did not hold the Oscars to much regard. His rejection of the award for his depiction of Vito Corleone in The Godfather has been Hollywood trivia for long. Brando instead chose to send a Native American woman to the ceremony that year.

While some do not pay heed to the Oscars, some keep craving for their first one. Don't worry Leo, you've still got it.

Updated Date: Dec 13, 2018 14:14:58 IST