Lawrence Montaigne, Star Trek star and Batman TV series' villain Mr Glee, dies at 86


Mar 20, 2017 16:32:52 IST

Los Angeles: Lawrence Montaigne, who played a Romulan and then a Vulcan on episodes of the original Star Trek, and at one point was lined up to replace Leonard Nimoy on the series, has died. He was 86.

Lawrence Montaigne in a still from Star Trek. Twitter

Lawrence Montaigne in a still from Star Trek. Twitter

Montaigne, who also appeared in the Steve McQueen war classic The Great Escape (1963) and on Batman TV series as a robot controlled by The Joker, died on Friday, his daughter, Jessica, posted on Facebook, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Montaigne portrayed Decius on Balance of Terror, the first-season, December 1966 episode that introduced the Romulan race. He had a memorable line, "Permit me the glory of the kill". He also played the Vulcan character Stonn on the second-season opener, Amok Time, in September 1967.

 In The Great Escape, directed by John Sturges, Montaigne played the Canadian POW Haynes, one of the prisoners who does not get out alive.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Rome, Montaigne appeared on Broadway early in his career, worked as a stuntman fencer in Scaramouche (1952) and danced in The Band Wagon (1953), starring Fred Astaire.

In Batman that aired on ABC, he played Mr Glee, a lifelike robot who becomes a bank teller at the behest of the felonious funnyman the Joker (Cesar Romero).

Montaigne appeared often on television, with roles on such shows as The Outer Limits, Burkes Law, Hogan's Heroes, Dr. Kildare, The Time Tunnel, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, The F.B.I. and McCloud.

His body of film work also includes Tobruk (1967), The Power (1968), The Psycho Lover (1970) and Escape to Witch Mountain (1975).

Montaigne wrote novels as well as an autobiography, A Vulcan Odyssey that released in 2006.

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