Lakshmi movie review: Prabhudeva's film is a watered down version of ABCD series with some minor changes

Sreedhar Pillai

Aug 24, 2018 18:41:34 IST


Lakshmi is another template dance movie from choreographer-turned-actor Prabhu Deva, directed by Vijay. It is a watered down version of ABCD, with some minor changes. The highlight of the film is the sensational new 12-year old kid from Mumbai, Ditya, who plays the title role. She can set the dance floor on fire with her dancing skill and is a treat to watch.

The story is familiar if you have seen the format of dance films. A famous dancer comes out of retirement and personal grief to mentor a group of dancers who are trying to win an all Indian competition against all odds. The usual twists and turns take place before the underdogs triumph in a feel good moment.

A still from the film.

Lakshmi (Ditya) is a 12- year old whose life revolves around dancing. She is always dancing: on the road to school, inside a bus and in her classroom. Lakshmi is brought up by her single mom (Aishwarya Rajesh) who hates everything connected with music and dance. Soon Lakshmi forms a bond with a coffee shop owner Krishna (Prabhu Deva), who spots her dancing talent and enrolls her at the famous Chennai Dance Academy.

Lakshmi, along with other dancers at the academy plan to take part in a national dance competition in Mumbai for the Pride Of India competition, a reality dance show hosted by a television channel. Without her mom's knowledge, Lakshmi travels to Mumbai to take part in the event. However her team gets disqualified as Lakshmi gets cold feet at a crucial moment in the dance competition. At this time Krishna steps in asks the organisers to give her another chance. The organisers recognise Krishna and put forward some condition that leads to the finale.

The first half of the film moves like a breeze and Ditya is undoubtedly the scene stealer with her terrific dance movements. This has the audiences rooting for her. It is post interval where the film starts losing its fizz as flashback scenes become a part of the back story involving Prabhu Deva and Aishwarya Rajesh. The story is hazy and there are a lot of unexplained portions to be filled up. The plus points of the film are Ditya and Prabhu Deva’s dance sequences. The peppy music of SamC and Nirav Shah’s camera adds to the richness of the film. Prabhu Deva puts his best foot forward; he is an ace dancer after all.

Updated Date: Aug 24, 2018 18:41:34 IST