Knockout moments: Deepika, Alia, Sonakshi flash their smiles as AIB roasts Ranveer, Arjun


January 29, 2015 15:39:07 IST

Finally All India Bakchod unveiled the video of AIB Knockout, a live event in which actors Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor were "roasted". Almost an hour long, the event has been divided into three videos and they are everything that the trailer promised. While it does get a bit repetitive by the end, with Rajeev Masand, Raghu Ram and Abish Mathew proving to be quite a snooze fest, there were few moments of brilliance in the show.  A lot of them came from roastmaster Karan Johar (if only his films were as cool and fun), while others are from Rohan Joshi and Gursimran Khamba. Within 12 hours of the video's release on YouTube, AIB Knockout had more than one million hits, which means you've probably already seen it. But have you picked your favourite moments from the show? Here's a look at ours.

Karan Johar's introduction

The filmmaker, who is known for his sappy romances, was introduced as someone who would happily f**k a pilot, a sailor, a model, an actor and an architect. While there has always been a nudge-nudge-wink-wink indication that Johar swings the other way, no one has ever drove the point home so pointedly, especially with Hiroo Johar (Johar's mom) sitting in the front row.

Courtesy: Youtube

Courtesy: Youtube

Alia Bhatt can giggle, and how

Without the video that Alia Bhatt did with AIB about her going from bimbo to brainy, chances are there wouldn't have been any of this Bollywood fame for the comedy collective. No wonder then that Bhatt was in the front row, but what really made her deserving of that seat was how she laughed uproariously at all the jokes were cracked at her expense. We're sure that her jaws are still hurting, but we're glad Khamba has cleared up any confusion she might have had over ISI markings and ISIS. "Alia," Khamba told her, "just to clarify, the products in your kitchen has an ISI mark, that's different. ISIS is a terrorist organization."

Girlfriend, take one for your man

While the panelists roasted Ranveer Singh on stage, his girlfriend Deepika Padukone sat in the first row and didn't let her red-lipsticked smile slip. Not even when comedian Aditi Mittal said to Padukone, "Thank you for keeping him (Singh) off the streets." She also kept her smile in place when Abish Mathew said to Singh, "How does it feel to be the only sad person every time Virat Kohli scores a century?" Joshi didn't spare Singh either. The comedian told the audiences that Singh is such a pervert, that the photograph of Deepika Padukone in Times of India was taken by him.

Sonakshi Sinha was told that Arjun Kapoor shouldn't be dating her because he's not supposed to touch carbs. Sinha's laughter matched Bhatt's for its giggliness and that's particularly commendable since this joke was cracked by Abish Matthew who (according to Johar) needs an introduction but doesn't get one because he's so obscure.

The other Kapoor dynasty

Rohan Joshi pointed out to Arjun Kapoor, "It takes a special person to be the least talented person in a family that has Sonam and Sanjay Kapoor." Full points to Sanjay Kapoor for grinning widely and standing up to cheer for that joke. Joshi also told roast master Karan Johar that "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is the worst thing that Amitabh Bachchan has ever been in. And Amitabh Bachchan has even been in a f***ing coma."

Revenge of the film reviewer

Rajeev Masand had his moment, thanks to AIB, when he was able to turn to Johar and say that if Johar paid for a scriptwriter then he wouldn't have to pay reviewers for good reviews. The film critic also told Kapoor and Singh that the show was great fun and added, " also, this is the only time I am using the word 'great fun' about anything in which you two are involved." We're not sure if that goes very far in terms of making up for being called a sellout and the love child of a hobbit and the Pilsbury mascot.

Floor shows

Last but not the least, Johar is always funny but he was a great sport when Singh knelt on the floor and offered his butt to Johar. Instead of laughing the gesture off, Karan quipped, “That’s my position, Ranveer.” While we know that all the jokes were supposed to be at Johar's sexual preferences, we couldn't help but note that Singh was the one who both smooched Johar and offered himself to the producer-director. We are doing our best to not waggle our eyebrows. On a side note, whether or not an ambulance was needed for Hiroo Johar by the end of the show cannot be confirmed.

You can watch all three parts of AIB Knockout here, here and here.

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