Kerala High Court directs CBFC to grant certification to banned Malayalam film Ka Bodyscapes

FP Staff

Jul,14 2017 13:08:01 IST

It was earlier reported that Jayan Cherian's Malayalam film Ka Bodyscapes was denied by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) at the same time around they denied the same to Alankrita Shrivasatva's Liptsick Under My Burkha.

A still from the film. Image courtesy: Official Website

A still from the Ka Bodyscapes. Twitter

Now that Lipstick Under My Burkha is gearing up for a release on 21 July, Ka Bodyscapes is still struggling in its battle against the CBFC.

Mumbai Mirror reports that Kerala High Court has directed the CBFC to review the film and suggest changes or modifications instead of banning it in its entirety.

The same report quotes Cherian as saying, "A single bench of the High Court held that the movie has to be watched as a whole instead of refusing to give a certificate based on certain clips and parts. The judge also permitted the Board to modify or delete certain scenes if they find it objectionable but ruled against banning it altogether.”

The same report states that the CBFC chose to appeal to the Revising Committee to review the film instead. After the Revising Committee denied certification, a contempt of court case was filed against the CBFC for not adhering to the court order.

However, the court gave an opportunity to the CBFC to purge the contempt by facilitating a screening of the film by the entire Board within a month. On 11 July, the CBFC requested a two month extension in doing so owing to “lack of funding to arrange the screening and the cost of bringing all the board members together.”

Updated Date: Jul 14, 2017 13:08 PM