Kendall Jenner responds to backlash over 'privileged' modelling comments: I was misrepresented

FP Staff

Aug 22, 2018 14:52:42 IST

Following backlash over her controversial comments in a recent interview with Love Magazine, Kendall Jenner revealed she was "misrepresented" and her words were "twisted and taken out of context".

In the interview, the 22-year-old half sister of Kim Kardashian, had spoken about being selective over the runway shows she chooses to do each season.

Kendall Jenner. Image via Instagram

Kendall Jenner. Image via Instagram

“Since the beginning we’ve been super selective about what shows I would do. I was never one of those girls who would do like 30 shows a season or whatever the f**k those girls do. More power to ‘em. But I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else. The whole combination was very overwhelming and I started to freak out a little bit and needed to take a step back,” Kendall had said.

The modeling community expectedly took offence at her 'privileged' views, noting "those girls need to pay their bills that’s why they are doing 30 shows."

Hoping to set the record straight, Kendall clarified her comments in a series of tweets. "I was misrepresented in a recent interview over the wknd (sic) & it's important to clarify the meaning. It was intended to be entirely complimentary but unfortunately, my words were twisted & taken out of context," the 22-year-old tweeted. "I want to be clear. The respect that I have for my peers is immeasurable!"

Last year, Kendall became the world’s highest paid model, edging Gisele Bundchen out of the No 1 spot for the first time in 15 years in a ranking that reflected the growing power of social media influencers. She earned an estimated $22 million for the year thanks both to her runway fashion jobs and an 84 million Instagram following that helped her launch her own clothing line and win deals with the likes of Adidas and Estee Lauder, according to Forbes.

Updated Date: Aug 22, 2018 15:12:11 IST