Karthi unveils second look from Kaashmora; it's inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow

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Oct,06 2016 13:01:29 IST

Ever since Karthi released the first look of his character from the upcoming film Kaashmora, there has been plenty of fan interest in the epic.

Karthi, who plays three characters in the film — one set in contemporary times, one in a historical/mythical era, and the third not disclosed yet — had shared a picture online that showed him channeling a fierce warlord, exulting on a field strewn with the bodies of his rivals. It earned the actor rave reviews for the Baahubali-meets-Game of Thrones vibes it so perfectly captured.

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Now, the actor has shared another look from the film, this one for his present-day character. As per a Times of India report, this look of the actor has references drawn from Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Karthi apparently has a similar grungy look as Johnny Depp has in his Jack Sparrow avatar.

The actor tweeted an image of his second look from the film:

In the meantime, details about Karthi's Kaashmora co-stars have also been revealed.

Nayanthara, Karthi's leading lady, is clearly playing a character set in the historical segment of the film's storyline. Her character is called Ratnamahadevi, and Nayanthara looks every bit as regal and fierce as Karthi in the poster released.

Nayanthara as Ratnamahadevi in 'Kaashmora'

Nayanthara as Ratnamahadevi in 'Kaashmora'

Meanwhile, actress Sridviya, has said about her role in Kaashmora:

"I play a modern girl, Yamini. I come in the mystery portions of the film, which is the first half, while Nayanthara will come in the second half, which will have historical portions. I am the only person who knows Kaashmora's secrets."

Last month, Indian Express reported that Suriya was postponing the release of his film Singham 3 to avoid a clash with younger brother Karthi's Kaashmora at the box office.


Updated Date: Oct 06, 2016 13:01 PM