Kanye West releases two new songs 'Lift Yourself' and 'Ye Vs. The People'; raps about Trump and Get Out

FP Staff

Apr 28, 2018 13:01:48 IST

Kanye West just released two new songs: 'Lift Yourself' and 'Ye Vs. The People' featuring rapper T.I.

While the first song seemed like gibberish with incoherent lyrics, what some are calling Kanye West's attempt to troll the entire internet, his second song with T.I. seems to be an actual track. The song 'Ye Vs. The People', which features T.I., has not been released for download but is being played on on a loop on Power 106 FM.

Kanye West releases two new songs Lift Yourself and Ye Vs. The People; raps about Trump and Get Out

Kanye West/Image from Twitter.

The song has Kanye rapping about topics which have kept him in the news for the past few weeks. The song plays out like a political debate between Kanye and T.I., and touches on topics like police brutality, Donald Trump, Obama, and even “the sunken place” (a reference to Get Out). Listen to 'Ye Vs. The People' here.

Though the first song Kanye released since 2016 is 'Lift Yourself'. The song is a bizarre new track with lyrics like, "Whoopdedy-scoop, whoopdedy-whoop-scoop-poop/Poop/Poop". 'Lift Yourself' samples R&B group Amnesty’s 1973 song 'Liberty'. The song then ends abruptly. Listen to 'Lift Yourself' here.

Kanye did mention the track in one of his tweets.

Kanye recently angered many rappers and black celebrities after professing his love and support for Donald Trump. West also has other projects in the pipeline like a seven-track solo record which will arrive on 1 June. He also announced a collaborative release with Kid Cudi called Kids See Ghost, a new Nas album, and new tracks with Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and ASAP Rocky.

Updated Date: Apr 28, 2018 13:01:48 IST