Kamal Haasan to host Tamil Bigg Boss, praises Salman Khan for bonding with contestants

FP Staff

April 25, 2017 15:31:56 IST

South superstar Kamal Haasan is all praise for Salman Khan as he gears up to get into the shoes of the host of Bigg Boss has been signed to play the Tamil version of the reality television show Bigg Boss.

Actor Kamal Haasan. AFP

Kamal Haasan. AFP

The Quint reports that Haasan has confirmed that he will be hosting the Tamil version of Bigg Boss. The report quotes him as saying, "Yes, I am doing Bigg Boss in Tamil. I’ve tried many different roles in various capacities as an entertainer but never as a host on a television show. Reality television is so far not a reality in my career. I want to see what it feels like."

He also feels that he is well equipped to handle the show owing to his deep insight into the human psyche among other factors. The report quotes him as saying, "I’ve a fairly comprehensive gasp on human nature. Yeah, I think I’m qualified to give advice. Let’s see how it goes. Stepping into a new territory is always exciting."

Talking about Khan, who has hosted half a dozen seasons of the Hindi version of the reality show, Haasan says, "I think Salman Khan is doing a wonderful job of connecting with the contestants on Bigg Boss. He has brought the ‘Brother’ Back into Bigg Boss."

News 18 further quotes Haasan as saying, "Salman genuinely bonds with the contestants on Bigg Boss. There is no pretension or patronising in his attitude. Being friendly comes naturally to him. And he gives advice as a friend, not as a mentor. There is none of the I-know-better superiority in his attitude. I’d also like to bond genuinely with the contestants, though how it goes will depend entirely on how they perceive me, as a friend or as a mentor."

Haasan also has Shabash Naidu and Vishwaroop 2 in his kitty.

Updated Date: Apr 25, 2017 15:31 PM