Kamal Haasan launches dedicated whistle-blowing app, announces state-wide tour

Surendhar MK

Nov,07 2017 16:52:15 IST

Kamal Haasan, who has confirmed his political plunge loud and clear, has launched a dedicated whistle-blowing platform called “Maiam Whistle” on the occasion of his birthday. He also announced a state-wide tour across various districts to understand the grievances of people and ruled out the possibility of contesting the upcoming local body polls in Tamil Nadu, contrary to rumours.

Kamal Haasan. PTI Image

“My dream is to make Tamil Nadu a state with maximum virtuous cycles”

Haasan said he would be undergoing a state-wide tour and all the important details regarding the same will be updated in his mobile app, which aims to connect citizens from various walks of life.

“Everybody has this regret and discontent in their mind about things going wrong continuously and being unstoppable. We have the Dharma Chakra from Buddha, from Ashoka in our National flag. It's a beautiful symbol; I think of it as a virtuous circle of our nation that over time has become a vicious circle. It's time to make it virtuous again. However, that includes you. You have to join hands with me. My dream is to make Tamil Nadu a state with maximum virtuous cycles. We will be critical. I had written a book about thirty years back to help my welfare association people indicate how to approach social welfare - Thedi Theerppom Vaa, which means 'let's seek and solve'. I have an idea to travel across the state to understand the problems of people and myself."

"Maiam Whistle" – A whistle-blowing platform to expose corrupt practices

The significant announcement of Kamal Haasan's press meet on his birthday was the launch of a platform for whistle-blowers.

"We have this platform called “Maiam Whistle”. Maiam means centre. People and media have constantly questioned me about whether I’m left of centre or right of centre. I would not preferably insist on being in the centre too but the great equipoise, which is where I think most of the populace want to be. That’s why I chose this name ‘Maiam.’ The time has come to say what's going on with our governments vociferously. Maiam Whistle is a platform on which various levels of reaching to the people will be built. There are several stages in the app through which your complaints will be addressed. The app is still under development stage and is being beta-tested, by a team of 25 skillful people who have worked for various big organisations. Maiam Whistle will serve as an e-vigil tool and will be formally launched in January. If you find me making any mistakes in future, you can blow the whistle against me."

He said that this kind of an app puts a continuous pressure on those in power. "It's a constant reminder and a dialogue which is more important than a personal meeting. The dialogue will have to be continuous, clear, legible and audible to each other. It can't be a cacophony of noises."

“I'm unwaveringly working on the groundwork for my political party.”

Kamal Haasan said naming the political party is not essential now, adding that he is unwaveringly working on the groundwork.

"I can't name a child without knowing if it is a boy or a girl. I'm in talks with experts from across the spectrum to lay a strong foundation. I have to work on my manifesto and agenda. I take six months to prepare for an intense role in my movies. So, I'm here (politics). Other things will be discussed later, slowly and steadily. I'm working on the structural part now. The reason why the people of Tamil Nadu want a change is probably the reason why they will follow me."

When asked about contesting the local body polls, he said, "As far as local polls are concerned, first we have to get ready. It's not about jumping into the polls but getting the party ready to come qualifying. You might ask me what's my policy and manifesto. There have been speculations that I might announce my party; the need for this meeting is to announce that am working on structural part of the whole thing. A lot of people are helping me; a lot are debating."

“We’re building a proper tool for people to donate funds”

Haasan said his fans occupy a small portion of the general public and that everyone would need to contribute funds to his political party.

"Everyone misquoted me saying that the funds for my party will be collected from my fans. They’re only a minuscule portion of the populace. And what I said about Rs. 30 crores is what they have spent over the past four decades as part of our welfare activities. It’s from not rich to poor but from poor to people. Because a large number of daily-wagers and small-time workers have contributed with earnest finances. These are the people who constantly kept refilling the coffers when avaricious politicians and a bad government emptied it. So, we are building a proper tool for people to donate funds with a public ticker to indicate and see what’s being sent and what’s being spent."

“I’m not anti-Hindu and I don’t intend to hurt Hindu sentiments”

Responding to the right-wing groups who have passed death threats for his remarks on Hindu extremism, Haasan said, "I'm not anti-Hindu as everyone thinks. And I don't intend to hurt Hindu sentiments as I myself belong to a Hindu family but have taken a different path. Violence, irrespective of any religion you practise, is condemnable. I did not use the word terror, the word I used was extreme. There's a difference between terrorism and extremism. And, there's no denying the fact there's no violence in religion."

Updated Date: Nov 07, 2017 17:04 PM