Kalki Koechlin, Richa Chadha's Jia Aur Jia, Rukh, Geostorm: Know Your Releases

FP Staff

Oct 26, 2017 20:32:27 IST

This week sees two major Bollywood releases in the form of Kalki Koechlin-Richa Chadha starrer Jia Aur Jia and Manoj Bajpayee's Rukh. Both the movies are based on interesting premises and it will be interesting to see how these low budget films fare at the box-office. Hollywood gives us one major release — Geostorm starring Gerard Butler and takes us to the end-of-the-world scenario that Hollywood just can't get enough of.

Jia Aur Jia

What's it about: Two women sharing the same name, Jia, embark upon a life-changing journey as they head towards similar fates. With severely varying personalities, Jia Aur Jia directed by Howard Rosemeyer, is the story of travel and discovery — from the outside and within.

Who is in it: Kalki Koechlin, Richa Chadha, Sol Roach, Arslan Goni

Why it may work: Two words — Kalki Koechlin. The powerhouse of talent that the actor is, coupled with the unique energy that Richa Chadha brings to the screen. It will be interesting to see the chemistry between the lead pair of this movie, and if executed correctly — this film just might be what Bollywood needs to inject it with a breath of fresh air.


What's it about: Studying in a boarding school, 18-year-old Dhruv is blissfully unaware of the severe crisis his family is going through. His world turns upside down when he receives the news of his father's untimely death in a car accident. Coping with the tragedy, Dhruv has some daunting revelations that set him on a path to unravel the mystery shrouding his father's demise. Rukh is the story of a boy's search for the truth, along with all the hidden memories and dark secrets that he uncovers along the way,

Who is in it: Manoj Bajpayee, Smita Tambe, Kumud Mishra, Adarsh Gourav

Why it may work: When there is Manoj Bajpayee, more often than not we can expect something incredible to happen on our theater screens. Along with that, the film's premise seems to be based on an interesting subject.


What's it about: This movie is about the very real climate change that the Earth is currently undergoing, the adverse effects of which threaten our planet's very survival. Governments all over the world are seen uniting in Geostorm as they come together to create the Dutch Boy Program. The program begins to malfunction after two years, and Geostorm takes us on the quest for Earth's survival.

Who is in it: Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess

Why it may work: Although the movie isn't based on a new theme (end-of-the-Earth is a Hollywood favourite), somewhere we see the scope for interesting revelations and a story line with a twist. Also Gerard Butler is and will always be a sight for sore eyes.

Updated Date: Oct 26, 2017 20:32:27 IST