Kajol clarifies 'it was buffalo meat' after getting trolled for posting video of beef dish

FP Staff

May,02 2017 10:32:09 IST

Mumbai: Actor Kajol, who was trolled online for posting a video of a beef dish that her friend had prepared, today clarified that it was actually buffalo meat.

The 42-year-old actor issued a statement on Twitter, saying she did not want to hurt religious sentiments.

She deleted the clip from her Instagram and Facebook accounts after it attracted negative comments.

"A video of me at a friend's lunch said that there was a beef dish at the table. That's a miscommunication. What was shown was buffalo meat, that is legally available meat. I'm issuing this clarification because this is a sensitive matter that may hurt religious sentiments, which is not my intention," Kajol wrote.

A wide range of actors have been targeted for opposing the beef ban in the past. However, Kajol, though otherwise a vocal celebrity, had never opposed or supported the ban. After she posted a video of her friend preparing a dish that looked like beef, she was trolled for violating the beef ban and also hurting 'religious sentiments' of a community.

Realising the level of backlash it could have on her films and her personal life, the actor decided to roll back her actions. She not only deleted the video but also clarified that it was buffalo meat and not beef that she and her friends were consuming in the video. Now that Kajol has come 'clean' on her act, the trolling seems to have subsided.

Beef is banned in Maharashtra and other parts of the country.

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Updated Date: May 02, 2017 10:43 AM