Kadapa trailer: Ram Gopal Varma's new web series explores Rayalseema's power dynamics

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December 15, 2017 13:16:53 IST

After his recent web series Guns and Thighs, which deals with the underworld of Mumbai and explores the dynamics of power and sex, Ram Gopal Varma is ready with his next. According to a report by The Times of India, Varma's new web series in Telugu is tentatively titled Kadapa.

Still from RGV's Kadapa. Screen grab via YouTube.

Still from the trailer of RGV's Kadapa. Screen grab via YouTube.

About his upcoming project, Varma said, "The title is derived as a summation of what a region stands for in its blood thirstiness, a synonym of how violent power affects the internal politics of ambition, ego, greed and one-upmanship."

He wrote on his blog:

The story of the entire series of Kadapa is something I have gathered over many years ever since I first researched Raktacharitra with my extensive interactions with ex-factionists to their victims's,their relatives and so on.
Some might feel that I have dealt with this subject matter in my earlier film Raktacharitra but nothing could be further from the truth. That's because in that film, I barely scratched the surface of the truth of the Rayala Seema’s hardcoreness due to my inconclusive knowledge at that time and also due to various restrictions and threats , but here in this web series I decided to tell it the way it is without any fear and complete honesty

This series is as much intended for the international audience in terms of wherever violent power has been used to suppress any form of rebelliousness. Everybody needs to know the history of an interesting and overbearing region and I strongly believe this Series will document those very important times in the most naked way possible for those who did not witness it first hand.

Watch the trailer of Kadapa here:

Updated Date: Dec 16, 2017 09:25 AM