'Kabali' weekend collections: Rajinikanth-starrer takes Chennai box office by storm

Sreedhar Pillai

July 25, 2016 12:32:17 IST

The most hyped and eagerly awaited film, Rajinikanth’s Kabali has broken records at the Chennai box office.

Chennai city is the smallest territory in film trade in Tamil Nadu, but the most influential as it is the state capital and seat of power. Chennai city has a large number of multiplexes and single screens, and nearly 96.5 % of them showcased Kabali in their screens.

Rajinikanth in 'Neruppu Da' from 'Kabali'

Rajinikanth in 'Neruppu Da' from 'Kabali'

Kabali stormed the CBO with a record Rs 3.82 Crore in its opening weekend, the highest ever collection for any film from Chennai city. Please note the rate for Kabali in Chennai city was the government stipulated Rs 120 per ticket, though outside of the city tickets were sold at two to three times higher the rate.

Trade analysts feel that if there was no cap on ticket rates in Chennai city, it would have grossed around Rs 12 Crore.

In Chennai suburbs, which falls in the Chengalpet area where a lot of new multiplexes have come up, ticket rates were hovering between Rs 300 to 500 and some of them had 6 to 7 shows on day one. In Chennai city, theatres were allowed only four shows on Friday (working day) and five shows on Saturday and Sunday as per government regulations.

Under the watchful eyes of the state administrations, tickets were sold at the government stipulated Rs 120 in the city, though Rajinikanth fans bitterly complained that they never got any tickets. When advance booking started online in Chennai, in most screens it was sold out in 10 minutes. The buzz is that 70 % of tickets were given to corporates under combo deal (Ticket +Cola+Popcorn),  at high prices.

And most of the remaining tickets were cornered by VVIP’s and government officials for their friends and family. Rajinikanth fan club members who normally corner a large chunk of the opening weekend tickets were this time left high and dry. Nearly 96.5 % of the programming in Chennai screens was for the Rajinikanth film, with some multiplexes playing Kabali in all screens all shows, which has never happened before.

Though Hollywood film Star Trek Beyond released it hardly got any screens or shows and was just limited mainly to the IMAX screen. The Santhanam super hit Dhilluku Dhuddu was abruptly pulled off, to accommodate Kabali.

In a way, this weekend Kabali totally took over the Chennai Box-Office and is in the 1 to 5 position in the chart.

Updated Date: Jul 25, 2016 12:32 PM