Kaala first impression: Rajinikanth film has powerful messaging, whistle-worthy dialogues; Nana Patekar impresses

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Jun 07, 2018 09:30:29 IST

Kaala first impression: Rajinikanth film has powerful messaging, whistle-worthy dialogues; Nana Patekar impresses



  • With this, we come to the end of the first impression of Kaala. 

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    Meanwhile, even Aamir Khan can't stay calm as it's Kaala release day!

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    Rajinikanth makes up for a downer of a second half

    Kaala fumbles a little in the second half, clearly plays out like a star vehicle with scenes playing to the gallery. Dirty politics meets public outrage. Nevertheless, a rage-filled Rajinikanth and a strong support cast make up for the slightly downer of a second half.

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Firstpost

    How the Kaala narrative branches out towards the ending

    Kaala's last few scenes throw light on more issues than one. From protests to harassment and the fall-out between public and government, the film doesn't entirely show war in a typical commercial manner. While there is extreme blood shed, it also makes us sit up and watch.

    But again, Rajini has to strike as the one and only. Kaala portrays itself to be a film about a war by the citizens for the citizens, and of course has Rajinikanth takes over quite a lot of parts.The last few scenes drag on, with never ending fight sequences and the Ram-Raavan story as the narrative.

    Pa Ranjith gives us an ending that will even leave the masses thinking for quite a while. The last scene is a well choreographed one and is more than what meets the eye.

    Kaala also happens to be one of those rare superstar commercial movies that gives lot of scope for the female lead.

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    How will Rajinikanth's politics impact the film?

    The recent Jallikattu and Tuticorin protest will resonate strongly in Kaala, where Pa Ranjith talks about how the suppressed are only heard when they protest against the establishment/government/system.

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    Second half of Kaala moves slower

    The second half moves at an unhurried pace and the predictability starts to kick in. Except for the interval fight, there's nothing for the 'mass' Rajinikanth fans to root for in the film. There's a deafening silence in the hall. Cries of deja vu continue to cloud the second half.

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    The colours of/in Kaala

    As Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar engage in a war of words, fans stare in utter silence. A powerful scene. A twist is given to the classic tale of white-is-pure and black-is-evil analogy. In Kaala, black is pure, colour of the working class while white is evil, colour of power-hungry politicians. Rajinikanth's punchline in Hindi is received with loud cheer. He also mouths a few words in Marathi.

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Firstpost

    Nana Patekar proves to be a match to Rajinikanth on-screen

    Nana Patekar proves to be a powerful actor and one of those rare performers who actually manage overpower Rajini's presence onscreen.

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    Kaala and politics

    Pa Ranjith stresses time and again about the importance of land as the basic right of a human being. Through some subtle dialogues, he also establishes how land has led to wars, and constant bloodshed across the world.

    It's incredibly tough to overlook the uncanny similarities that the character arcs of various roles in Kaala share with Ranjith's North Madras-set social drama Madras. Political awareness, power, supremacy, identity crisis, firebrand politics; all the pet tropes of Ranjith, right from his earthy debut film Attakathi, find its way to Kaala.

    From the party flag to the ideology, there're some explicit references to Shiv Sena and Bal Thackeray in Nana Patekar's character, which might ruffle some feathers in Mumbai post release.

    Cinematographer Murali captures the nitty-gritties of slum lives with mind-blowing details. His camera seamlessly strolls through the nook and corner of Dharavi with a flurry of delightful lengthy takes. The transformation of Manikandan (Lenin), who plays one of Rajinikanth's sons, from an intellectual, peace-loving individual to a firebrand, revenge-seeking youngster is a beautiful character study to understand the dynamics of Dalit politics that Ranjith strives to put forth to viewers.

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Firstpost

    Kaala's immersive content finds few fans 

    Kaala, so far, is a movie with a purpose and lots of content to look forward to. While story wise people have a lot to ponder over with Kaala, the masses are definitely missing the usual entertaining factors of his commercial movies. All through the first half, many fans were cribbing over the draggy sequences, while few others were getting the essence. For the masses, Kaala hasn't impressed yet. 

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    First half of Kaala — first impression

    The first half of the film, despite its slightly worriesome pace, gives us a Rajinikanth to root for and a villian with a deceiving scheme. Fireworks are sure to fly when they meet again. The story also throws the spotlight on land being a common man's identity.

    Ranjith uses shots of Ambedkar and Buddha together in a few scenes, helping us understand that in fighting for one's identity, it's important to choose the right path. Peace or revolt? He establishes this philosophy through the characters of Rajinikanth's sons. Fans are relieved that Kaala's first half assures it's a far better film than Kabali, which disappointed most of them.

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    Face-off between Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar

    Mumbai and rains — The combo adds a lovely touch to the pre-interval action block, which serves as the film's biggest elevation moment so far. Face-off scene between Rajinikanth and Nana Patekar is here. After a few seconds of intense stare, they talk about their ideologies.

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Firstpost

    Fans, however, are loving the pre-interval scene

    The much awaited fight sequence between Rajnikanth and the antagonist is here. And fans can't stop going crazy. After all, what's a Rajini movie without a thrilling blood shed scene!

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    Kaala's predictable pre-interval scene

    The quintessential pre-interval Rajinikanth fight sequence, although nicely choreographed, fails to impress largely due to the tacky VFX. Ranjith has provided the customary slo-mo shots and playing to the gallery for Superstar's hardcore fans.

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Firstpost

    Rajinikanth's dialogue brings in applause and cheers

    Another actor who deserves a special mention is Manikandan, who plays the role of Lenin, Kaala's son. He is constantly at logger heads with his father's ideals. Rajinikanth's stock dialogue from the film 'Kya re, setting aaa' makes fans erupt in applause and cheer. Brings back memories from older Rajinikanth films!

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    Huma Qureshi's Tamil debut in Kaala

    Huma Qureshi makes a fine Tamil debut. She stands her own in the scenes opposite Rajinikanth, and appears quite unflustered by the presence of an actor of his stature. Although her character looks alienated in a largely familiar support cast, it serves the purpose of her role — a globe-trotting social activist who left Dharavi years back — very well.

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Firstpost

    Kaala's background music drives this drama

    Santosh Narayanan's music evidently drives this drama. It brings out and aptly represents the emotions of the various characters involved: right from the locals to the female leads and also a very emotional Rajnikanth.

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    Kaala and romance

    Pa Ranjith proves he's a filmmaker with style when it comes to the portrayal of romance as well. Scenes between Rajinikanth and Huma work beautifully, giving us the assurance that on-screen love can be mature yet heartwarming.

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    Huma and Rajinikanth's characters are explored 

    The song 'Kannamma' deftly portrays the mature relationship between Huma Qureshi and Rajinikanth. Pradeep Kumar's fluid rendition of the song, complemented greatly by Dhee's melodic vocals, effortlessly elevates the sequence. Pa Ranjith efficiently intersperses animated flashback frames and the present scenes between Huma and Rajini.

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Contributor

    Huma Qureshi makes an emotional entry

    Supporting cast like Anjali Patil, Easwari Rao shine as Kaala takes us through the situation in Dharavi. Huma makes quite an emotional entry leaving Kaala aka Rajinikanth nostalgic and hinting at a daunting past.

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    Kaala boasts of atmospheric, simplistic scenes

    Like his sophomore feature Madras, Pa Ranjith brings a beautifully constructed, lived-in atmosphere to the fore in showcasing the lifestyle of slum dwellers in Kaalai. Family dynamics and the candid loudness usually associated with the lower class groups are portrayed with simple and poignant scenes, backed by a nonchalant supporting cast.

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    Dharavi as a backdrop

    The film does full justice to the Dharavi-set backdrop, making its characters speak in Hindi and Marathi wherever necessary.

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Firstpost

    LIVE first impression of the film from Chennai

    Easwari Rao is a pleasant surprise, as Kaala's wife. She is raw and relatable, different from most of his usual female leads. Rajni as Kaala seems to have a rather simple role, compared to his hyped-up characters in recent times. Though he still leads the pack in this film, he's not his usual larger-than-life self. This has left most of the audience thinking.

  • Fans cheer to celebrate first day first show of Kaala in Mumbai

  • Fans cheer in Chennai as the superstar's title flashes on screen

    And with this the first day first show begins in Chennai!

  • Fans in Chennai offer milk to Rajinikanth as the first few shows of the film begin

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    First impressions of Kaala

    A lengthy take introduces Rajinikanth's entire family from the perspective of his wife Easwari Rao, who delivers a solid first-act.

  • Long queues in Mumbai for first day first show of Kaala

  • Mridula Ramadugu, Contributor

    Celebrations shift inside theatres in Chennai

    The opening slate credits bring out hooting, cheering and clapping for 'Superstar Rajinikanth'

  • Rains and celebrations in Mumbai

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    As the first day first show begins in Chennai, fans erupt in joy

    Women, from different age groups, have thronged in large numbers for 4 am show at Rohini cinemas.

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    Composer Anirudh Ravichander, who scores music for Rajinikanth's next film, is watching first day, first show of the film at Rohini cinemas in Chennai.

    Kaala music composer Santosh Narayanan is also here at Rohini cinemas.

  • Dhols and dancing continue in Mumbai as the city is drenched in rain

  • Meanwhile in Mumbai, the harder the rains the more fans celebrate

    Hundreads of families of fans in Mumbai have gathered for the first day first show in Carnival cinemas in Wadala, to watch their superstar. Here too there is dancing, dhols and celebrations on the release. The mood is exciting.

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    Fireworks started in GK Cinemas

     A sea of family audiences keep thronging to theatres. This is a luxury not many top stars in Kollywood can boast of. This pretty much sums up the release of a Rajinikanth film.

  • Surendhar MK, Contributor

    Meanwhile in another theatre in Chennai..

    Unusually muted buzz in GK Cinemas, Chennai, at 4 am before the show begins. In a rare instance, the popular two-screen theater has sandwiched Jurassic World for the opening weekend along with Kaala.

  • Fans celebrate with dhols and dancing

    Throngs of Rajinikanth fans have arrived at Rohini theatres in Chennai to celebrate the release of Kaala.

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    Thalaivaa fan? Have cake

    Fans distributing cake to audiences who have come to watch the 4 am show. They are pumped up about the film after learning about highly positive reports from premiere shows.

  • Haricharan Pudipeddi, Contributor

    The buzz for Kaala begins at 4 am, for the first day first show in Chennai.

    Pictures and videos from from Rohini cinemas, Chennai show that fans have gathered in hundreds. Most of them have work black tees and shirts

  • Thalaivaa himself says he is confident about the release of Kaala

    "I like the picture. I am 100 per cent confident that my fans will like [it]" Rajinikanth told NDTV. 

  • Meanwhile, buzz around the release has reached peak levels. 

  • Kaala releases today

    The Supreme Court, on Wednesday, refused to block the release of Rajinikanth starrer Tamil film Kaala saying that it cannot put on hold the screening just a day ahead of its release.

Highly awaited Rajinikanth-starrer Kaala has finally received a clear release date. Kaala, a gangster movie written and directed by Pa Ranjith, will release today after many controversies regarding its release.

Initially, the film's release was repeatedly postponed due to the producers' strike in Kollywood, but after the withdrawal of the strike was announced there were news reports of the film being hit with a plagerism row, which was later resolved in the Madras High Court.

 Kaala first impression: Rajinikanth film has powerful messaging, whistle-worthy dialogues; Nana Patekar impresses

Rajinikanth in Kaala.

Later the film saw a ban plea in Kartanaka due to Rajinikanth's comments in the Cauvery issue. The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) had said that the film would neither be distributed nor screened in the state. Kaala producer Dhanush and his wife Aishwarya then filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court seeking a smooth release, and on 6 June the stay on the release of the film was lifted by the Supreme Sourt.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) was upset with Rajinikanth's reported statement that whichever government comes to power in Karnataka should implement the Supreme Court order on Cauvery water sharing.

Later, at the audio launch of the film, Rajinikanth said, "For me, this is not an audio launch, it looks like a success meet. I think Sivaji was the last success meet in my career. Though Endhiran was a blockbuster, we couldn’t celebrate it because I was hospitalised in Singapore. Later, with all your love, I made a comeback with Kochadaiiyaan but it wasn’t a commercial success. Kochadaiiyaan was a failure because I worked with people who think they are too smart. It’s perfectly fine to work with intelligent people but too much of smartness is dangerous because they would think a lot and the end result will not be fruitful. Later, I accepted Lingaa because the basic story talked about interlinking of rivers, which is my lifetime ambition but the film's failure taught me a lesson that I should not be romancing young heroines. After these two failures, a section of people wrote me off and it didn't surprise me because they have been doing this for forty years."

With inputs from Haricharan Pudipeddi, Surendhar MK and Mridula Ramadugu.

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