Juhu Police tows abandoned vehicles from Hema Malini's neighbourhood after receiving request from actor-turned-MP

FP Staff

Aug 22, 2018 16:44:23 IST

Over 50 abandoned vehicles have been towed away from Vaikunthlal Mehta Road, Juhu after actor-turned-MP Hema Malini put in a request with the new commissioner of police of the city, Subodh Jaiswal. The vehicles had been lying around for a couple of years with no one willing to claim ownership, reports Mumbai Mirror.

Hema Malini. Firstpost image.

Hema Malini. Firstpost image.

"When the newly appointed commissioner of police Subodh Jaiswal had come to meet me at my residence in Juhu, I had requested him to tow away those vehicles. It is a posh locality and these scrap vehicles are such an eyesore. Juhu can look much better without them. They have been lying on that road for years. I am happy that they have finally been towed away," Malini told Mumbai Mirror.

Residents of the area had lost access to the footpath due to the cars and bikes, which most likely are stolen from other people, according to the police. The local corporator had also complained about the vehicles in one of the ward meetings. However, he was told that it was the traffic police's duty to clear the roads. Therefore, it seems like Malini's request indeed fast-tracked the process as the seized vehicles have now been parked in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's junkyard in Santacruz.

Updated Date: Aug 22, 2018 16:51:41 IST