John Bernthal will return to The Walking Dead season 9 after exit from AMC zombie show seven years ago

FP Staff

Jun 19, 2018 13:11:07 IST

John Bernthal, whose character was killed in AMC’s Walking Dead’s season 2 finale, is set to return for an episode in season 9. While returning from the dead is a major theme for the show’s post-apocalyptic, zombie drama premise, the nature of Bernthal’s reappearance is not yet certain, as reported by Variety.

John Bernthal in a still from Walking Dead. YouTube

John Bernthal in a still from Walking Dead. YouTube

While the chances of him being magically resurrected or returning as a walker are bleak, speculations suggest that the actor may  return to shoot some flashback scenes. Post the death of his character, Shane West, he has since once appeared in season 3 as a ghostly scare for his killer Rick. His return to the show, seven years after his character was killed off, marks an exciting turn of events considering that his killer Rick, played by Andrew Lincoln, is likely to make an exit this season.

Acoording to Daily Mail, news of his return to the show were sparked when the actor was spotted at Senoia which is a popular set location for Walking Dead. The actor is also likely to appear in Comic Con, Sen Diego’s Walking Dead Panel.

Ever since his departure from the show back in 2011, Bernthal has starred in Baby DriverFuryThe Wolf of Wall Street and Sicario. He also currently leads Marvel’s Netflix show The Punisher, playing a role  which originated in Marvel’s Daredevil (season 2).

While Jon works on multiple projects in the coming year, he awaits the release of crime thriller Windows, due to hit the screens on 16 November.

Updated Date: Jun 19, 2018 13:14:56 IST