Jeremy Renner teases Hawkeye will return in Marvel's Avengers 4 after missing out on Infinity War

FP Staff

Jul 23, 2018 14:44:00 IST

MCU star Jeremy Renner teased he’ll be suiting up again as Hawkeye for the upcoming Avengers 4, which is set to begin additional photography soon.

Renner shared on Instagram an image of Hawkeye from his last appearance in Captain America: Civil War to tease his return.

Hawkeye was part of the original Avengers line-up from the 2012 film but found himself out of the superhero team's latest outing in Infinity War. Though previously ridiculed for using a bow and arrow as his primary weapon amidst much stronger superheroes, his absence in the recent Avengers film caused a lot of fan backlash.

Fan theories emerged about how the arrow-slinging superhero may take up a new identity in the upcoming fourth installment. According to MCU Exchange, Hawkeye will become Ronin after suffering some terrible blow during the narrative in Infinity War. This, in turn, will force him to depart from his original identity and adopt a darker persona in the form of Ronin.

Renner has portrayed the master archer Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in three Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies so far, and also featured in a cameo for Thor.

Updated Date: Jul 23, 2018 15:00:24 IST