Janhvi Kapoor makes her debut on Vogue India cover; discusses upcoming films, Sridevi and paparazzi culture

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May 30, 2018 13:09:05 IST

Although Janhvi Kapoor is yet to make her Bollywood debut, she is already getting into the groove of celebrity life.

Dressed in Louis Vuitton, she recently posed for Vogue India's June 2018 issue, making her magazine cover debut. Apart from that, in an interview with Karan Johar, she opens up on getting into films, life after the sudden demise of her mother, screen legend Sridevi and being paparazzi's current favourite.

Janhvi Kapoor on Vogue India's cover. Image from Instagram/VogueIndia

Janhvi Kapoor on Vogue India's cover. Image from Instagram/VogueIndia

Karan Johar is the producer of Jahnvi's debut film Dhadak and also her mentor. Jahnvi reveals that Sridevi never comfortable with the idea of her getting into films. "She thought I was naïve, that I wasn’t thick-skinned enough. She wanted us to live a more relaxed life," Jahnvi adds. Although Sridevi was an iconic actress, she felt that Khushi (Janhvi's younger sister) would be better at handling the problems that come with being in the film industry.

After the sudden passing of Sridevi earlier this year, there has been intense media scrutiny on Jahnvi and the Kapoor family in general. She says that although it's a loss that none of them will get over completely, it has still brought them closer as a family.

Although Jahnvi is followed around everywhere by the paps, she thinks she has not done anything to earn the attention that she has been getting. She admits that she isn't very good with reacting to the photographers and is caught off-guard most of the time.

Before she passed away suddenly, Sridevi saw the first 25 minutes of Janhvi's debut film. However, according to Jahnvi, her feedback was very "technical" and she gave her some tips to do the second half of the film differently. Jahnvi says that although Sridevi is not wit her anymore, she still wants to make her parents proud by excelling at acting and that is her only motivation.

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Updated Date: May 30, 2018 13:09:05 IST