Jalebi actors Rhea Chakraborty, Varun Mitra on championing unrequited love and working with Mahesh Bhatt

Seema Sinha

Oct 15, 2018 13:01:06 IST

For both the lead actors of Mahesh Bhatt productions' Jalebi — Rhea Chakraborty and Varun Mitra — the film is not just an addition to their bio-data but it has taught them many lessons. As Chakraborty says, “The film changed my perspective about love. It has helped me see life differently, that there are much bigger things to look at. I never expected a character to do that to me."

"Bhatt saab blows your mind with his own stories. On his set, I learnt how to embrace the low phases of life. He told us that the best things that happened to him was when he was down and out,” says debutant Varun Mitra.

Rhea Chakraborty (left) and Varun Mitra. YouTube screengrab

Rhea Chakraborty (left) and Varun Mitra. YouTube screengrab

An adaptation of the Bengali film Praktan (2016), Jalebi (released on 12 October) is a story told in flashbacks. It’s a tale of an unrequited love and has a reoccurring dialogue in the film: “Not all love stories end with a happily-ever-after”. Chakraborty, who debuted with Mere Dad Ki Maruti and was recently seen in Yash Raj Film’s Bank Chor, plays a best-selling author, a free-spirited woman, and Delhi-bred Mitra plays a tourist guide from Old Delhi.

“But that doesn’t mean he is narrow-minded or she is cooler. There is just that desire to want to stay together. No one is portrayed good or bad, right or wrong. After we finished we realised we have made a very real film,” quips Chakraborthy. “What was appealing about this film," says Mitra, "is that it spoke about what happens happily-ever-after. Also, audiences these days wants to see something real."

Chakraborty says she was “blown away” with Bhatt’s day-to-day guidance. Before some of the complex and difficult scenes, the actors say they would sit and discuss them with Bhatt separately.

“Working with Bhatt saab is like therapy. What I learnt from him is how it is okay to not be okay. He would say that you don’t have to be always sorted because then you are pretending to be okay. It has been six months of life altering, life enriching therapy. He has the ability to look into your eyes, look into your soul. He knows what you are feeling. He is very honest and real,” says the actress.

Adds Mitra, “One day, he whispered something into my ear…he told me that I have a problem showing love to people. I wondered but then I realised that he was right. All of us have some problem in dealing with life. I feel today it is difficult to love because it is difficult to trust.”

Updated Date: Oct 15, 2018 13:01:06 IST