Jacqueline Fernandez on forcibly hugging a child on recent reality show: My intention wasn’t wrong

FP Staff

Jun 08, 2018 17:13:23 IST

Recently, Jacqueline Fernandez was called out by her fans and followers for hugging a 7 year old boy without his consent on the sets of Madhuri Dixit's dance reality show Dance Deewane. 

Fernandez and her co-star Salman Khan from Race 3 had made an appearance on the sets of the show to promote their upcoming film.

She had posted a clip of the incident on Instagram with the caption, “Kids usually love me, this boy was an exception… at least I got my hug in the end. ” The video also shows Khan pushing the child towards Fernandez and forcing him to hug her twice. None of the judges on the show, including celebrity guest Anil Kapoor, protested against this behaviour.

Now, in an interview with Bollywoodlife, Fernandez has defended the incident, explaining that her intentions were never wrong. She said, "I know what my intention was and it wasn’t wrong. I have a nephew. He does not like to be hugged at times, but I still hug him as I am his aunt. My intentions weren’t wrong and it’s my right to believe that.”

She further added that she respects the opinions of others and as celebrities should also take people's concerns into consideration.

This is not the first time a celebrity had been accused of such misdemeanor. Bollywood and Assamese singer Papon had forcibly kissed a minor girl on a singing reality show while shooting a live video, which led to Supreme Court lawyer to file a complaint with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights against the singer.

Updated Date: Jun 08, 2018 17:13:23 IST