It's Not That Simple season 2 review: Swara Bhasker does justice to a role tailor-made for her

Shreya Paul

Jan 11, 2019 16:37:06 IST

Voot Original's It's Not That Simple season 2 speaks simple truths. Without excessive didacticism, (which most television and web content dealing with feminist issues tend to lean towards), the series conjures a gripping narrative, peppered with unabashedly flawed characters.

It's Not That Simple season 2 definitely defies the amorphous content growing out of the forests of the digital land and transforms into a depiction which has a clear voice. And the voice shines through the treatments of the narrative, the characterisation and even the cinematography.

At first glance, the premise may seem suspiciously lurking in the neighbourhoods of male-bashing, a threat which any feminist story faces. However, with the development of each episode, the characters stand stronger than any unnecessary propaganda which may have cropped up as a plot propeller in the minds of the audience.

Swara Bhasker's Mira Verma is on an obvious warpath, but not at the cost of rampant mud-slinging. After her brief and unfortunate episode with colleague-cum-boyfriend Dev Kashyap (Sumeet Vyas), she decides to break away from male domination to prove herself as a worthy architect. The interaction between the the feisty Mira and the suave Dev is keenly dealt with. Smitten by the other, the couple soon enter into a merger of their two companies —  Take 2 and Cornerstone — only to have one mildly stifle the opinions and ideas of the other. A public showdown later, Mira obviously swears to break away from the deal but in the sole way she knows how to — through her talent. The way in which she manages to regain her dignity and respect while working within the patriarchy that surrounds her, is what the second season of It's Not That Simple essentially entails.

Coming to the treatment of the series, the makers seem to have introduced interesting characters to cover the complete gamut of modern-yet-troubled set of people. Vivan Bhathena plays Rajeev, Mira's childhood confidant who also has his eyes on the independent architect. There is also Anika (Neha Chauhan), Rajeev's fiancé and Natasha's (Mira's business partner played by Manasi Rachh) lover. A parallel story line is introduced in the narrative which depicts the love between hormone-raged teenagers Jassi (Rohan Shah) and Tani (Devika Vats).

Swara Bhasker (left) with

Swara Bhasker (left) with Manasi Rachh and Vivan Bhathena

But worth noting is Purab Kohli's Angad Shergil. The primary gaze shifts from Mira (in season 1) to a shared gaze on Mira and Angad, and the rapport between them in the second season. But unlike Dev, Angad is bitter, full of attitude and absolutely out there. But he carries a heavy baggage of achievements, which include a Fulbright scholarship, a Padma award and his adventures in Syria. Not surprisingly then, in quite a Mills &m Boon-esque turn of events, Angad serves as Mira's saviour.

Purab Kohli (left) with Swara Bhasker

Purab Kohli (left) with Swara Bhasker

Performance wise, It's Not That Simple season 2 earns brownie points. Vivan oscillates perfectly between the obsessive friend and repulsed, homophobic lover. Sumeet is unsurprisingly on point. His predatory nature is well-fleshed out, all the while keeping it understated.

But the undisputed star of the series is Bhasker. In an almost tailor-made role, Bhasker shines as the vulnerable, angry, unapologetic, logical and emotional Mira. However, her frequent breaking of the fourth wall may have been avoided to give a more authentic feel to the narrative flow.

Writers Charudutt Acharya and Jaya Mishra aptly capture poignant moments with thought provoking dialogues that enhance the already-strong plot.

It's Not That Simple season 2 deals with a plethora of subject matters which include gender dynamics, power play and homosexuality to name a few. Though there still may be a long way to go, beginning the discourse somewhere does makes a great difference.

Updated Date: Jan 11, 2019 16:37:06 IST