It's confirmed: DC's Justice League will have two-hour-long run time; too short or just right?

FP Staff

Oct 24, 2017 18:41:26 IST

DC’s upcoming, multi-superhero loaded movie, Justice League will be two hours long, a run time that is being discussed as “perhaps too short” over at the Internet. As reported by Forbes, at 121 minutes Justice League is officially the shortest superhero movie since Green Lantern, which had a run time of 114 minutes.

This installment is considerably shorter than its immediate predecessors as it is 20 minute shorter than Batman V Superman, and 30 minutes shorter than Wonder Woman.

Its confirmed: DCs Justice League will have two-hour-long run time; too short or just right?

Justice League. Image courtesy: Twitter

So why has the apparent run time of the film got the Internet buzzing and fans fretting? Even if one ignores the general rule of long running, big blockbusters like Avengers, Harry Potter, Batman and Spiderman movies over the decade, the short run time of a movie — which was till recently rumoured to be a whopping three hour long film — points to typical studio-style damage control.

While it’s possible that Warner Bros and DC Films paid heed to critics and fan criticism of long run time, but it’s more likely that the film has been re-shot and cut into a short palatable package to maximise its opening weekend collections, especially in IMAX releases as it allows for more shows to fit in.

Speculation is rife that if the film does not hold together and a short runtime will enable the studio to extract its pound of flesh on a sinking ship.

Alternatively, Justice League, which encompasses the entire DC universe, is populated with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and is set to introduce Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg, might just be a smart, slick film giving all its stars their due.

It is known that Joss Whedon, who took over the film following Zack Snyder’s departure owing to a family tragedy, has altered the tone of the film and cut out large swathes of a three-hour long narrative.

The film stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg and is releasing on 17 November, 2018.

Updated Date: Oct 24, 2017 18:41:26 IST