It's confirmed: Coldplay will perform in Mumbai, but here's how to get tickets for free

FP Staff

Sep,10 2016 13:00:19 IST

Putting to rest all rumors, Global Citizen Festival (an annual not-for-profit music festival that started in the US in 2012) has confirmed that Coldplay will perform in Mumbai, in their first ever concert in India, in November.

But here's the real good news. The social media blitzkrieg that followed after rumours of tickets costing upwards of Rs 25,000 was absolutely untrue because the tickets to the concert are free.

Here is Global Citizen Festival's official statement, from their website:

"We’re so excited to be announcing that on World Toilet Day — November 19th — we’re hosting the first-ever Global Citizen Festival in India, with an incredible lineup of international and Indian headliners including … Coldplay! Just like our annual festival in Central Park, tickets to the Indian Festival will be FREE. Fans will earn them through taking actions in support of education, equality, and sanitation campaigns."

Here's the process.

From 10 September (Monday), tickets to the Global Citizen Festival in India can be procured by signing up to become a Global Citizen and completing the festival’s action campaigns. This could include some charity and volunteer work, but we'll have more clarity soon.


Coldplay. Image from Youtube.

Coldplay aren't going to be the only ones who are a part of the festival. According to this Billboard report, Aamir Khan, A R Rahman, Farhan Akhtar are also expected.

So, gear up for this Monday. It isn't going to be so blue after all.

"Our whole goal was to have 70 percent Indian artists -- we wanted to make sure that it was India first and India and the world. We plan to host the festival in different cities in India every year for the next fifteen years as an annual accountability moment," says Global Citizen CEO Hugh Evans

Here's what Twitter had to say about the announcement:

Updated Date: Sep 10, 2016 13:00 PM