Isle of Dogs: Five interesting facts about Wes Anderson's upcoming animated stop motion comedy

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Jun 26, 2018 16:36:30 IST

Wes Anderson's highly anticipated film, Isle of Dogs, finally hits theatres across India on 6 July.

The film is an animated stop motion comedy that is set on an island in Japan built entirely from trash outside a city run by a tyrannical mayor. It's a story that is nuanced and deeply political. As the title suggests, the film revolves around a pack of dogs who are exiled to this island when a canine flu spreads in Japan.

 Isle of Dogs: Five interesting facts about Wes Andersons upcoming animated stop motion comedy

A still from Isle of Dogs

With more than 70 artists on the puppet team behind the movie, a total of 1,000 clay puppets were created out of which 500 puppets were humans and 500 were dogs.

Isle of Dogs is led by an all-star voice cast that includes Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johansson, Yoko Ono, Bill Murray, Frances McDormand and Liev Schreiber.

Here are five interesting facts about the film:

1. Isle of Dogs is set against a futuristic Japanese backdrop where the alpha dogs help the little one find his best friend. As Japan celebrates this year as the year of Dogs along with China, the film is deliberately set to release this year.

2. The 68th Berlin Film Festival was inaugurated with director, Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs giving it a gala start. The film first premiered at this international festival making it the first ever animated film to open the ceremony.

3. Isle of Dogs is the second longest stop-animation film after Kubo and The Two Strings, which is longer than by just a minute. It took around 144,000 frames to complete the 101 minutes that the audience will witness on-screen.

4. Tashirojima Island of Japan has more cats than humans and feeding these stray cats is supposed to bring growth and fortune. Inspired by this knowledge, Wes created the city of Megasaki that adores cats but despises dogs due to their age old controversy, thus isolating them on an island when the virus spreads.

5. After the film's release in Berlin, there was an exclusive screening in San Francisco that invited humans as well as their dogs to watch the film.

Bonus fact: Isle of Dogs is actually a wordplay on "I Love Dogs."

Watch the trailer below:

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