Is it a music video? Is it an album? Is it an ad? No, it's Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

Rohini Nair

Apr 19, 2016 12:09:12 IST

There are certain things that seem ripe for conspiracy theorists to haggle over.

The landing on the moon.

The aliens in Roswell.

Planet X.

The assassination of John F Kennedy.

The Ice Bucket Challenge!

'Lemonade' by Beyonce. Screen grab from YouTube

'Lemonade' by Beyonce. Screen grab from YouTube

And now, in what seems like a very early (or somewhat late, depending on which way you look at it) Christmas gift, they have been handed a new phenomenon to obsess over: Beyoncé’s super-secret project for HBO, Lemonade.

The Queen Bey released a minute-long teaser for the project on Instagram over the weekend and it has her fans and pop culture watchdogs mystified.

The video clip begins with an image of a corn-rowed Beyoncé, swaddled in fur, resting her brow against the hood of a car. Then there are a series of stills that could have come — as Guardian rightly points out — straight from a horror movie.

A lone light bulb briefly illuminates a bleak room. A model with vitiligo makes an appearance wearing a crown of thorns. There’s some documentary style footage of a toddler peering through the bars of (what looks like) a cradle. A storm gathers in the distance. There are staircase shots. Then there are more staircase shots. Buildings burn.

We get to see a little of Bey too, as she sashays around, to a voiceover of such cryptic statements as: “The past and present emerge to meet us here”, “What are you hiding?”, “Why can’t you see me?”, “What am I doing, my love?” and at the very end, “Pour me in, pour me in…”

Nothing else is indicated about Lemonade — apart from the fact that it will have a grand world premiere on HBO on 23 April at 9 pm.

So what is Lemonade? Is it a music video? Is it, as some have suggested a long album film? Could it be a revival of Beyoncé’s acting career? Or is it a teaser for her new full-length album? Could it be an extension of the characters she played in her Formation video? An ad for a new lemon-flavoured drink? A publicity campaign for lemons? An allusion to the diet she once reportedly followed?

The theories are many, and answers are few. Maybe the speculation isn’t at the “is Beyoncé the queen of the Illuminati?” level yet, but we predict that it will get there, and soon, unless we get some morsels to go on.

To add to the mystery, social media followers of the Queen Bey have suddenly realised that the diva has been posting photos of lemons, lemon candle-holders, lemon drinks for months now! And we didn’t even have a clue.

Why won’t you tell us, Beyoncé? Why won’t you tell us?

Anyway, watch the Lemonade teaser here and tell us what you think.

Updated Date: Apr 19, 2016 12:09:12 IST