Irrfan Khan: 'Why are we being asked to speak on behalf of Pakistani artistes?'

FP Staff

October 13, 2016 11:27:24 IST

Irrfan Khan has been doing a round of press interactions for his latest Hollywood film Inferno. However, the actor was also asked about the controversy over the ban on Pakistani artistes.

Irrfan Khan. News 18

Irrfan Khan. News 18

On being repeatedly asked by a Times Now journalist why Pakistani artistes hadn't condemned the Uri attack, Irrfan countered: "Why are we being asked to speak on behalf of Pakistani artistes? If you have a question, ask them... If they haven't condemned the attacks, you may guess maybe it's because they don't feel safe enough to do so in their country."

When the journalist said that several from the film industry had stepped forward to voice their opinion on the issue, and seemed deeply divided, Irrfan said, "I haven't been here so I'm not aware of how the industry is divided over the issue."

On the issue of why Pakistani artistes are allowed to work here and make money, Irrfan said, "You'll need to ask the government this, why they're being issued visas."

Updated Date: Oct 13, 2016 11:27 AM