Ira Khan to make her directorial debut in theatre with a play titled Euripides Medea

FP Staff

Aug 23, 2019 14:35:41 IST

Ira Khan, daughter of one of Bollywood's prominent actors and filmmakers, Aamir Khan, is set to make her directorial debut with a play titled, Euripides Medea, Taran Adarsh tweeted.

The theatre production takes its name from a tragedy composed by the Greek playwright, Euripides, whose protagonist Medea, a princess of the kingdom of Colchis, finds her position threatened when her husband, Jason abandons her for the princess of Corinth. Swearing revenge, Medea murders Jason's wife and her own children, and escapes to Athens in search of a new beginning.

Rehearsals for Khan's play will soon be under way, the tweet said and it will be showcased in select cities across the country in December 2019.

The 21-year-old has previously stated that she did not consider following her father's footsteps into acting and according to an India Today report suggested that there was no particular reason to mark her foray into the entertainment world through theatre.

The report also quotes Khan as saying, "I love theatre, it's magical and all-consuming; in its classical form, in the world of technology, it's very real and physical. I love the suspension of disbelief that the audience allows for because then there's so much you can express."

Updated Date: Aug 23, 2019 14:35:41 IST