Indian Idol's ex-host Mini Mathur on contestant's allegations: 'Reality TV has incessant need to create false emotions'

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Aug 25, 2018 11:47:08 IST

Former host of Indian Idol, Mini Mathur has confirmed ex-contestant Nishant Kaushik's allegations regarding the deplorable condition of amenities behind the scenes on the music reality show.

Mini Mathur as a host on Indian Idol. Image from Facebook

Mini Mathur as a host on Indian Idol. Image from Facebook

Mathur, on 22 August, responded to Kaushik's Twitter thread by saying that even though she was not a part of the particular season of the show, she was aware of such incidents happening on reality television shows. She even added that the kind of inhuman treatment was one of the reasons she opted out of reality television shows.

Citing the problem as an "incessant need to create false emotion", Mathur's comment comes as an endorsement to Kaushik allegations of Indian Idol. Recently, a former participant from the 2012 Indian Idol, (a music reality show, currently in its 10th season, which attempts to find the best talents in the country), spoke about his ill experiences on the show. Nishant Kaushik openly confessed that the show was a platform which successfully crushes dreams of upcoming talents rather than honing their skills in music. He recounted how he had witnesses a two kilometer-long queue when he had gone for the Mumbai auditions being held at a school playground.

Kaushik mentioned the desperation of aspiring contestants who were scared of leaving their spot in the queue despite the lack of basic amenities like usable toilets, drinking water and food stalls.

Kaushik went on to describe how the rampant delay in beginning the audition irked a particular contestant whose angry inquiries were met with physical violence by a crew member who walked up to the aspirant and slapped him before thousands. This was followed by another shocking revelation wherein Nishant claimed that most crew members were picking contestants at random to test their singing abilities, and the ones who sand badly were quickly whisked off to the judges room after which a session of mockery followed. This was so traumatic for a contestant, that the person broke down.

Kaushik questioned the format of such shows and urged aspirants to never depend on validation from such TRP-oriented reality shows.

The complete thread can be read here.

Updated Date: Aug 25, 2018 11:47:08 IST