Indian film Evening Shadows, directed by Sridhar Rangayan, wins award at LGBTQ film festival in Amsterdam


Mar 15, 2018 19:03:26 IST

Sridhar Rangayan's Evening Shadows, a film on how a mother-son's bond is put to the test when the son tells the mother he is gay, has won a 'Free To Be Me' Award at the Roze Filmdagen, a LGBTQ film festival in Amsterdam.

The film's makers have received a cash award of €1,000 by Hivos, a Dutch organisation that has been a front-runner in supporting innovative and impactful development programmes for over 50 years, read a statement.

A still from Evening Shadows

A still from Evening Shadows

The jury citation for the award reads: "The power of film is that it can tell stories and reach audiences that are otherwise hard to reach. By focusing on the clash of traditions and strict family rituals with the actual human relationships behind them, this movie breaks important boundaries in a country where LGBTQ people still face dire challenges, both legal and cultural.

"As India's first LGBTQ feature that has an all-age approved rating, it can clear the way for a wider discussion in society on why love should be recognised as beautiful in all diversity, and by telling the story in a relatable and compelling way it can reach out far beyond a limited already-convinced audience."

Rangayan, who was at the fest, is elated with the appreciation.

Accepting the honour on behalf of the film's team as well as the Indian LGBTQ filmmaking community, he said: "We are all making films under very challenging circumstances in a country that still criminalises same-sex love.

"This award is not only a recognition of our struggles, but hopefully will open doors for a wider dissemination of the film and its important message of acceptance."

The film had its European premiere at the fest in Amsterdam.

It features Mona Ambegaonkar, Ananth Mahadevan, Devansh Doshi and Arpit Chaudhary.

Updated Date: Mar 15, 2018 19:03:26 IST