India: Marvels & Mysteries — From ancient caves to Chambal ghats, History TV18 show decodes fascinating facets of India

FP Staff

Sep 18, 2019 13:32:49 IST

History TV18's forthcoming series, India: Marvels & Mysteries, aims to take the viewers back in time, uncovering little known facts and shining the light on some of India’s most unique historical sites - their people, their place in history and their stories.

The show covers fifteen stories in a span of five episodes, with an attempt to decode some fascinating facets of an India unseen. Filmed across the country - from the remote North to the ancient South – the stories will come to life in lavish dramatic recreations - with actors, period costumes and authentic locations - based on research and factual rigor.

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The beginning episodes will explore the ancient town of DholaVira - part of the Indus Valley Civilization, where planners supposedly used trigonometry. They will also travel to some of the country's formidable forts to unravel the marvel behind their mighty rulers.

From Mehrangarh to the Gwalior fort, the team aims to go behind the glorious exteriors and beneath the spectacular hallways to unearth what dark secrets lie hidden in its dungeons. In one of the episode, titled as Love, Loss, Legend, the show will revisit one of the seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal. They will dig down story of Emperor Shah Jahan, Mughal India’s greatest builder and his Empress, Mumtaz Mahal, to know the reasons why and how the great architecture was built.

Towards the end, the show will travel to the badlands of the Chambal, to uncover the incredible truth of how dreaded dacoits joined hands with conservation experts, to save a cluster of stone temples.

India: Marvels & Mysteries is scheduled to premiere on History TV18 in October.

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Updated Date: Sep 18, 2019 13:32:49 IST