Incredibles 2 sneak peek: Helen Parr/Elastigirl takes lead in Disney-Pixar's upcoming film

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Feb 15, 2018 15:41:13 IST

The 2004 film The Incredibles presented an adorable family with amazing superpowers and we couldn't have enough of them then and even now.

Now that the sequel to the film, Incredibles 2, is all set to make way to the theatres this year, Disney-Pixar released the sneak peek of the animated film on 14 February.

As per the sneak peek, it looks like there's some serious role reversal at the Parrs household: While Helen Parr/Elastigirl goes out and saves the world with her superpowers, Bob/Mr Incredible spends time at home, looking after the children.

In the 1-minute-30-second-long video, a mysterious "tycoon" Winston Deavor — voiced by actor Bob Odenkirk — declares that he can revive the superhero careers of the 'supers' (term used to denote people with special powers in the film). In the previous film, it was known that "superheroes are illegal" and the situation doesn't seem to have changed since then. Despite that, Deavor's claim seems to be quite a lucrative prospect for the supers.

Still from the Incredibles 2 sneak peek. Twitter/@DisneyPixar

Still from the Incredibles 2 sneak peek. Twitter/@DisneyPixar

But, Deavor seems more interested in Elastigirl than Mr Incredible. Hence, in the film (as per the sneak peek), Elastigirl is seen jumping off high buildings, riding a new motorcycle — saving the world and impressing bystanders at the same time. Mr Incredible, on the other hand, is busy at home — struggling to teach mathematics to Dash, reading bed-time stories to Jack-Jack and dodging his laser beams too.

The video sees the return of Edna Mode, voiced by Brad Bird — who also directed the film — and Mr Incredible's best friend Frozone aka Lucius Best, voiced by actor Samuel L Jackson, both of whom try to give Mr Incredible super-child-rearing advice.

Holly Hunter and Craig T Nelson return as the voices of Elastigirl and Mr Incredible, respectively, with newcomer Huck Milner as "Dash" Parr and Sarah Vowell returning as Violet Parr.

Incredibles 2 is slated to release on 15 June.

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Updated Date: Feb 15, 2018 15:41:13 IST