In AIB's latest video FML, Mallika Dua out-performs Tanmay Bhat, Utsav Chakraborty

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Nov 08, 2016 16:44:37 IST

All India Bakchod (AIB) is back with its satire on casual dating with Flirty Messaging League (FML). The title seems to be derived from the Indian Premier League (IPL) as the format of the narrative suggests.

AIB's new hilarious video featuring Tanmay Bhatt and Mallika Dua Picture courtesy: DNA

AIB's new hilarious video featuring Tanmay Bhatt and Mallika Dua. Screen grab from video. 

AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhat as Manoj, or shall we say “Manauj” Dancer and Mallika Dua as Monica Singh provide a real-time commentary for Vishal and Jia who are miles apart but flirt with each other through texting.

The video takes one through a texting conversation between the two which starts with casual compliments, proceeds to a witty exchange of comebacks and lands up in the guy asking the girl out.

The commentary of Bhat and Dua infuses life into the video and the analogy between cricketing and flirtatious texting makes the viewer relate to the situation.

Dua, with her Haryanavi accent, is spot on. She steals the show with her delivery, vivacious screen presence and arguably the best lines of the script. Bhat lends good support with his signature style. Utsav Chakraborty and Aayushi Lahiri as Vishal and Jiah respectively, do a great job in emoting a diverse range of emotions through facial expressions without any vocals to support them.

The script incorporates subtle hints of how gender defines the number of 'likes' a person gets on social media and stark differences of how a girl and a boy groom themselves before a date.

As Dua sparkles in the video by getting her commenting game right, we hope to see more of her in those hilarious AIB videos. Bhat, are you listening?

Watch the video here:

Updated Date: Nov 08, 2016 16:44:37 IST