'Ideal husband' from Mary Kom Darshan Kumar turns 'women's nightmare' in NH10


Feb 26, 2015 14:31:53 IST

Mumbai:  Actor Darshan Kumar, who was incredibly convincing as Priyanka Chopra’s too-good-to-be-true husband in Mary Kom, is now going for the kill. In his second film NH10, he is cast in a completely antithetical role of a despicable criminal who torments and brutalities the heroine Anushka Sharma.

“No two roles can be more dissimilar. If women loved me in Mary Kom and thought of me as the ideal husband, in NH10, I play the kind of man who is every woman’s nightmare," Darshan said.

Ideal husband from Mary Kom Darshan Kumar turns womens nightmare in NH10

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Apparently, there are scenes where Darshan, who was the epitome of chivalry in Mary Kom, brutalises Anushka's character to the extent that the actor cringed while performing the scenes.

Remembering the ordeal of entering the other world of diabolic machismo, he said: “It wasn’t easy. I had to completely change my attitude to women. I had to convert my mindset from that of a considerate compassionate man to a man-monster.”

Of late, disappointment was the mood that clouded Darshan's mind as he didn’t get a single Best Debutant award at the popular awards this year.

“I was nominated at all the awards. But most of them went to Tiger Shroff. I can’t deny I was disappointed. But my ultimate praise came to me from my guru Naseeruddin Shah who said he loved me in Mary Kom'. Naseer Saab is not one to shower empty praise on anyone. So to me Naseer Saab’s praise was the biggest award," he said.


Updated Date: Feb 26, 2015 16:05:09 IST