I find it distasteful and primitive: Anushka on being called a 'distraction' for Virat Kohli


Mar 11, 2015 19:26:31 IST

Anushka Sharma has a lot on her plate these days. Her next film, NH10 is not only her toughest film so far, but also her production debut. And if this was not enough, Sharma already had to go head on with censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani regarding NH10's censorship. After going under several cuts, the  film has finally been passed with A-certificate and is all set to release on 13 March.

Needless to say that with NH10's release date approaching, Sharma is on a promotion spree and has been giving several interviews. In an exclusive interview with Barkha Dutt, the actress opened up about her interaction with Nihalani, lip job as well as beau Virat Kohli.

Dutt asked the actress that how does she copes with an entire country cribbing over her being on a cricket tour with Kohli to which Sharma replied that she doesn't understand how to deal with a situation when she is expected to take a blame for someone else.

 I find it distasteful and primitive: Anushka on being called a distraction for Virat Kohli

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"It is one thing to deal with your own issues, which I think, being in the industry for a fair amount of time, I was able to deal with. But when you have to be blamed for somebody else (Kohli) it is difficult. I don't want to be given credit for what somebody else does, nor do I want to be blamed," said Sharma during the NDTV interview.

Talking about the ban on girlfriends and wives of cricketers imposed by BCCI, Sharma pointed out that how she has been referred as a distraction for Kohli several times. Sharma said, "... I didn't like the term distraction."

"Why do you think that a person has to be a distraction? Why wouldn't the person be a strength to somebody, a supporter, a moral booster? Like why would this person will be a distraction? Because you are attaching a physical relationship between them.I find it extremely primitive and distasteful," she added

(You can watch the full NDTV interview here.)

Addressing the issue of NH10 getting an A-certificate, the actress had previously said, "We don't want to compromise with our film. We have got an 'A' certificate, one visual cut and few audio cuts, which we have accepted,".

"As far as we could, we have not compromised with the story, with what we are trying to show to the audiences. Somewhere we are happy with whatever has happened," she had added.

Updated Date: Mar 11, 2015 19:26:31 IST