I broke down watching Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in 'Sarbjit': Dalbir Kaur

Seema Sinha

May 13, 2016 10:55:18 IST

It’s not only team Sarbjit — Director Omung Kumar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadda, who are busy promoting the film, but it’s also Sarabjit Singh's real-life sister Dalbir Kaur actively participating in film promotions.

Sarbjit traces the struggles of Dalbir (played by Aishwarya) who ran from pillar to post to get her younger brother Sarabjit out of the Pakistani jail but her quest ended tragically when he died in 2013 following a brutal attack by fellow prisoners.


Randeep Hooda, Dalbir Kaur and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. PTI Image.

“I haven’t watched the film yet but I have told them that they will have to show me the film first. After all it is about our reputation. They have agreed to that. If I want any changes, I will surely let team Sarbjit know,” says Dalbir sounding determined and clear about her demand.

However, Dalbir, who has flown down from Amritsar for film promotions, is extremely happy about the choice of actors for the biopic. She feels Randeep Hooda fits perfectly well in Sarbjit’s role.

“Sarbjit’s both the daughters wanted Randeep to play his role essentially because of his Haryanvi background. They have seen all his films. Also, Randeep has a physique similar to my brother’s. I think Randeep has really gotten into the skin of the character. He spoke exactly the way Sarbjit did,” says Dalbir.

She continues, "Aishwarya has done justice to the character. In fact, all the actors have been true to their part and have portrayed the emotions beautifully, be it joy, sorrow, pain, wait, fear, faith. I would get very emotional whenever I saw Aishwarya and Richa shoot for the film. In one scene, Aishwarya was on the phone, and she was being informed about Sarabjit. She was speaking exactly like how I had spoken back then. I broke down watching her.”

The making of the biopic has obviously been an emotional journey for Dalbir, who fought for over 23 years for her brother's release. “For people, a film was being made. But for me, it was like history repeating itself. I was remembering all the past incidents, and the pain that I had gone through,” says Dalbir, further adding, “I just wanted someone to present the story well, because Sarbjit is a story that everyone already knows. People would want to watch it because they want to know the details about what happened with him. I want the truth to be out."

So did she give any suggestions to Aishwarya while on the shooting sets? "I would never give suggestions to Aishwarya directly, I would tell Omung (director). Actually, I wouldn’t spend much time on the sets. But the trailer response has been very good. I don’t have any fear, I’m satisfied, I’m sure it won’t have any aisa waisa scenes,” says Dalbir, who will be back in Mumbai close to the release date.

Updated Date: May 13, 2016 10:57 AM